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  1. Paulie Dangerously

    Paralympics/Special Olympics

    I don't watch things like this because I would feel guilty if I got a cheap laugh out of it...and I probably would because I'm a bad person
  2. Paulie Dangerously

    Everton away tickets

    I don't think I could keep myself under control if we scored, I'd be jumping about about and then wake up in an ambulance
  3. Paulie Dangerously

    collymores book

    Did he mention Liverpool obsessively like he does in his weekly column in the Mirror? He only gets about 600 words and 200 are about us every week!
  4. Paulie Dangerously


    duhduhduh duhduh, duhduhduh duhduh, duhduhduh duhduh, duhduhduh duhduh, doodoodoooooo dooodahdooo, doodoodoooooo doodahdooo dooooooo
  5. Paulie Dangerously


    Played 131 games for Real Madrid, scored 35 goals in all competitions according to Wiki which isn't a huge number for a £30million pound player
  6. Paulie Dangerously

    How fucked up is football...

    That Robinho will sign for a team like Man City says it all about him. As Real President said "He is not signing for football reasons" City must've offered him a fucking wage and a half. They'll make that back with Bums on Seats at the Shitty of Manchester stadium now though just on the basis of Robinho, which sums up the Premiership. Sad, sad, sad
  7. Paulie Dangerously

    Back in time

    Can't say I can disagree with that statement.
  8. Paulie Dangerously

    September Spiders

    I have trained myself to ignore them. When I enter a room i deliberately don't look in the places most likely to have one on it, corners, ceilings, skirting boards etc. For example if I go into the kitchen for a drink I'll go straight to the kitchen, get a mug from the cupboard and then straight the sink, staring directly at my objectives. This way I very rarely see them although I am aware that they come into our house at this time of the year
  9. Paulie Dangerously


    Take it his proposed move to Blackburn didn't materialise then...
  10. Paulie Dangerously

    Am I the only one?

    You never get those calls. He should've scored
  11. Paulie Dangerously

    Villa v Liverpool

    I don't think a draw would be the worst result in the world considering how we've been playing lately. We've had a few good wins at Villa park over the years though, I've been present for a few 3-0 drubbings curtesy of Owen, Gerrard and Murphy. If we step it up we should overwhelm them as we've a better team (even without Stevie) and a better manager. I hope we do them so Rafa can turn to the runt and shake his hand in a patronising manner
  12. Paulie Dangerously


    And to top it off he is the spits of my brother, hence every game thats on telly "nice save dave" "good throw dave" it never gets boring
  13. Paulie Dangerously

    The shite

    It never fails to bring a smile to my face when they're getting beat. All due to the Blues I know/drink with who are the first to go out to watch the Liverpool match in case we get beat, the first to cheer the opposition when they score, the first to shout "offside" as Nando pulls away, arm aloft. Just to see their faces later on as they talk about anything but the football. Both of us knowing that one sentence "what did you think of the match today?" would bring them down to their knees, making them direct all their bitterness at their own club. Oh yes, it never fails to bring a smile to my face
  14. Paulie Dangerously

    Saturday Footy Thread

    was Defoes apparently, was over the line before Crouchie put it in again
  15. Paulie Dangerously


    You're the Crazy World of Arthur Brown
  16. Paulie Dangerously


    Did you know that genetically, paedophiles have more in common with crabs, then they do with you and i? That is a scientific fact, there's no actual evidence for it, but it is scientific fact
  17. Paulie Dangerously

    The bitters' new striker

    Every player who plays in Serie A, regardless of nationality, has an italian grandmother it seems...
  18. Paulie Dangerously

    Teams in the CL

    Said on ITV last night that the Belarusian team knocked Anderlecht out of the qualifiers. First team from there to ever Qualify for CL surely?
  19. Did anyone else notice that the appeared to have Screech from saved by the bell playing for them?
  20. Paulie Dangerously

    I'll get murderered for this But

    I'm still waiting to notice Keane do anything positive for the team apart from run off quickly to allow the sub to be made fast. I think he'll come good though
  21. Paulie Dangerously

    Liverpool vs. Standard Liege

    He's had nothing but hoofed long balls to his chest to work with this season. As great a player as he is he needs some sort of service. He's not a "big centre forward" target man.
  22. Paulie Dangerously

    Liverpool vs. Standard Liege

    Our two "wingers" did not work tonight at 442. The one time a real wide player got into a position to take on a full back, did it and put a cross in from somewhere other than the half way mark we scored a goal. Makes sense. I'm hoping to god we revert to 4-2-3-1 full time now all the players from the Olympics are back. If i read one more article or thread involving "Liverpool" "lack of" and "width" after the villa game I think i'll go mad
  23. Paulie Dangerously

    The English disease

    Me and my brother went to Berlin for a few days just after the 2006 World cup, no bother at all apart from one leather-monger who asked where we were from, when we told him he asked, with a massive look of concern on his face "You no english hooligan ja?" whilst his hands zipped up his money pouch. Admittedly we are two 6ft skinheads but we wouldn't hurt a fly! Considering the Dutch and Germans beat fuck out of each other at every major tournament we still have a worse name, its the tabloids. Weren't like 50 people arrested one night in Austria/Switzerland this year? I didn't see one "SCUM" headline