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  1. Paulie Dangerously

    The Foodie thread

    Goan fish curry for tea then.
  2. Paulie Dangerously

    Dog Pics

    One year old and a barking little gobshite
  3. Paulie Dangerously

    Rangers/Stevie Gerrard 2020/21

    Loads of topreds getting really cross on twitter over our fans being happy for him. He was a hero of mine for many years so I'm delighted to see him do so well in his first appointment. There's no possible scenario in which he isn't going to be our manager some day.
  4. Paulie Dangerously

    Picking at the relegation carcass

    Lewis Dunk always plays well when I see him That connelly lad up front looks mobile too I like St Maxim from Newcastle, I think we'd turn him into a player Buy Brewster back and sell him to a newly promoted team for profit
  5. Paulie Dangerously

    Colt vs Chong Li

    Chong Li without even restoring to belly button antics
  6. Paulie Dangerously

    This Meghan and Harry Thing

    What's the smallest font size you can get to print on newspapers?
  7. Paulie Dangerously

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    Bean nonce
  8. Paulie Dangerously

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    Yes it is , but I also like slightly longer espressos.
  9. Paulie Dangerously

    Weirdest films you ever seen

    I'd just heard a buzz and wanted to watch it in a, "Can I stomach it?" way. Its so desperate to be shocking that it's remarkay comical despite the horrendous subject matter. It makes The Human Centipede look like The Sound of Music.
  10. Paulie Dangerously

    Weirdest films you ever seen

    A Serbian Film. Outrageously and deliberately disgusting and an utter waste of your life.
  11. Paulie Dangerously

    This Meghan and Harry Thing

    I'm sure there was a story recently about a royal being an alleged sex offender but I'm too angry about the black princess being rude to a maid to remember now.
  12. Paulie Dangerously

    Condiments, spreads, sauces, snacks

    Like crack this stuff
  13. Paulie Dangerously

    This Meghan and Harry Thing

    I hope the documentary finishes Phillip off and the Queen dies of grief afterwards. Nice couple of days off watching the Union Jack crowd crying on the streets of the capital before Charles decides to desolve the monarchy so he can spend more time with his face buried in Camilla's undercarraige.
  14. Paulie Dangerously

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Stxve.
  15. Paulie Dangerously

    Nintendo Switch

    Child of Light is a gorgeous game
  16. Paulie Dangerously

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    We bought a decent kenwood food processor and use it loads. The trick is to keep it on the counter.
  17. Paulie Dangerously

    Must have kitchen appliances...

    Recipe please
  18. Paulie Dangerously

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Kids on those little electric scooters. Fucking hell, let them use their foot
  19. Paulie Dangerously

    Ozan Kabak

    From the commentary team last night you'd think he had an absolute Lovren. I thought he was OK. Clearly targeted by the two orcs up front, but apart from the header from wee-socks in the second half (which actually might have been Phillips fault now I think about it) and dealt with it well IMO.
  20. Paulie Dangerously

    Sheffield Utd (A) PL - Sun 28th Feb 2021 at 19:15

    I'd prefer him to pass it rather than try to score with his vacuum feet
  21. Paulie Dangerously

    Oculus Quest

    Come on Rick, stop fucking about. Tell us about the 3D porn
  22. Paulie Dangerously

    The GF Parenting Thread

    Taught KidD over half term. Stages: 1. Let her just scoot it to get her balace 2. Peddling with me pushing her all the way 3. Peddling with her going one, two, three, four peddles on her own increasing 4. Her starting herself by scooting it and then peddling on her own 5. Standing starts We did about 20 mins a day and today she clocked the standing start. Little and often, bags of encouragement, push them off slyly so they know falling off isn't the end of the world. Seconded for lower the seat. She learned on a bike far to small, got a proper one today and she's flying on it.
  23. Paulie Dangerously

    Signs that you're behind the times.

    Thought I had a Spiderman t-shirt on until the kids at school told me it was Ant Man.
  24. Paulie Dangerously

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    £20 wiped from my portfolio the last few days. Its going to be a lean winter at the Dangerously House
  25. Paulie Dangerously

    Road Cycling

    Took her the bike shop to be sized up. She fell in love with a second hand turquoise apollo charm. Exactly her size, £50. Sound.