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  1. Dave D

    Pride of place in the home.

    Showing my immaturity again- Above my side of the bed- In garden-
  2. Dave D

    Pride of place in the home.

    Hahaha. Not allowed more like. Plenty of pot pouri and vases of fake flowers no doubt
  3. Weirdly, I thought I would try to get to know them a bit and did them a barbecue. All going ok until I offered them red sauce for their burgers. Bloody trashed the place after that. Cant understand it
  4. Since re-opening cant help but feel Im attracting a bad crowd.
  5. Yeah, keep getting complaints as it cuts off after the word "won't"
  6. One and a half. Or just the intro of Bat Out Of Hell
  7. I had to remove the Jive Bunny records for security reasons
  8. Yeah- stick a quid in- she takes a while to fire up and plays most songs on too high a speed, other than that shes a beauty
  9. Dave D

    Pride of place in the home.

    I think I had all of the muscle men figures in that poster on the link
  10. Dave D

    Jodie Comer

    Did she? Here you go- my treat
  11. Dave D

    Jodie Comer

    Just thought she was very wooden and it may have been intentional, but she always looked a bit stunned.
  12. Dave D

    Jodie Comer

    Killing Eve would have been alot better if Eve herself hadn't been so poorly cast.
  13. Dave D

    Pride of place in the home.

    Thats him!! Havent got the box though
  14. Dave D

    Pride of place in the home.

    I picked it up at a car boot sales a few years ago. He was stood next to a teasmaid and some spanners