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  1. Sausage could have done with 5 more minutes
  2. Sound like a dodgy tennis net supplier used that as a rubbish excuse once and it stuck! Ummmm...yes......its meant to be like that....because...umm...it makes it harder to play on the sides..... ....get the gear in the van sharpish, we're off!
  3. Dont tend to watch much tennis but watched a bit the other night- 2 annoying things- 1.Why do the ball boys/girls try and run at 100mph and then stand to attention like a robot when retrieving the ball- which is completely at odds with the player who just struts about bouncing a ball looking cool 2. Why do Tennis nets sag in the middle? Cant be that hard, they look like they havent been tightened properly
  4. Dave D

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Is the presenter with the red hair modelling himself on Vyvyan
  5. Dave D

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Your right, just listened to it back. Still not having him and his City flag on stage
  6. Dave D

    BBC Glastonbury Coverage

    Noel trying hard to nail some Liam songs and missing by a country mile. Has a few sly digs at us dedicating Stop Crying your heart out to us. Try’s coming across as a man of the people whilst supporting his oil funded human rights abusers
  7. But Barrington, what about the Instagram and Twitter followers? He's an influencer. Or something
  8. Off the pitch they would. Not a good look for all their CR7 merchandise
  9. Ronaldo threatening to walk over lack of signings. Erikksen cant decide between them and Brentford. We've signed Darwin Nunez, Carvalho and Ramsey. Golden days
  10. Dave D

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    The hit ratio on our signings, down to Edwards and Klopp, will have been huge for the pay structure. Good players get signed on good wages and play brilliantly. You cant argue with that or use it as leverage to get yourself a payrise. Keita probably the only fly in the ointment that a player might look across the dressing room and start getting dissillusioned but its clearly well managed and the transfer "misses" have been so few. Our squad must be an agents nightmare as its a big risk to start bigging up his man as Top Billing. *Unless your Mo's agent of course
  11. Dave D

    Star Wars

    Im only just catching up as only recently got Disney+ Im enjoying The Mandalorian but its a bit repetitive- land on planet, go to bar, big fight, get told to go to another planet. It also has slightly strange soft/comedy lines that dont quite fit. Enjoyable overall though. Could never take to McGregor as Obi-Wan so not sure Ill watch that.
  12. Dave D

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Could be co-incidence but I saw Mane, Buvac, Wiljnaldum and Edwards sat together in a coffee shop in Margate.
  13. Dave D

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    I reserve judgement on any new signing as I got over excited once upon a time....
  14. They will finish a close 5th after Conte storms out of Tottenham and Arsenal go full Arsenal