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  1. Dave D

    Who (if any) would you re-sign?

    For the purpose of seeing us through the run-in Id have Finnan and Bellamy
  2. Dave D

    Pompey Away Sat.....

    Uh oh. Closet pompey
  3. Dave D

    Pompey Away Sat.....

    Stick together down there. Ive been, they're a bunch of bandits
  4. Dave D

    If anybody says ''It's only the FA Cup''

    If we win something this season, no matter what it is, I think it buys Rafa one more season only. If we dont win anything he goes. Not what I hope, just what I think will happen. If we get bought out its anyones guess.
  5. We were woeful. Anyone feeling full of confidence for the rest of saeson on that showing is off their head. We've been the architects of our downfall. Thrown it away. Dont get me wrong, they'll be plenty more highs this season but we've blown our biggest chance in years in the Premier league. As for the champions league, Rafas man management skills will be tested to the limit now given the squad and potential for injuries. He's going to have to get an extra 30% out of players like Babel, Kuyt (in an attacking sense)etc. Random question/irritation- When did we last score from a corner?
  6. Keep the faith lads. You'll always get stick on here or any forum. Its just how it is. Some of the opinions on here are baffling but its what its all about. Just try to avoid it starting threads or posting when you've been on the sauce. Been there. Done that. Talked crap
  7. Dave D

    Complete wankers

    Listen to you lot. That Tom fella has gone. And all you can do is talk about football.
  8. Dave D

    Striker situation

    Agreed. Cant see us sustaining a decent push for the title and a champions league run with the options we have. Really cant believe we are expecting Torres to stay 100% for the rest of the games
  9. Dave D

    lets support RAFA!

    I want to know what the virgin media and cable generations make of all this? Im spokesman for the pre-channel five generation myself and we say GET RAFA ....a new calculator. And some white spirit for his tactics board because he doesnt seem to be able to get the tactics off he's had on there all season, Must have used a permanent marker
  10. Dave D

    Best Band You Have Seen Live ?

    Ocean colour scene. In truth there the only band Ive seen live. So I guess there the worst as well
  11. Me. Its VITAL we get it sorted. Nip it in the bud. Put it behind us. Move on. Its unacceptable
  12. Dave D

    Apologies for a new Rafa thread

    Fair point, I kind of forget (or block out) that Dossena cost £8m. I think Benitez will always point to the fact that he cant bid for the very top players as we dont have the finances that we were led to believe we had when the yanks took over. That said, the money spent in the summer was no small amount and we're hardly reaping the benefits. I really thought that this January window we would make that 1 signing to lift and spur the club on for the 2nd half of the season. Not neccesarily a big expensive name, possibly even a loan. We face a big test, the next 5 games will be the defining moment of the season
  13. Dave D

    Apologies for a new Rafa thread

    The transfers have could have been better, but I dont think its easy to compete in the transfer market with the clowns running this club. Its Rafas treatment of players that possibly might have annoyed him in some way like Keane, Babel, Agger etc who he would rather win the battle of the mind with than coax them back into the form they are capable that has blunted are threat
  14. Dave D

    Apologies for a new Rafa thread

    Not good gents. I said a while ago that Rafa had literally taken his eye off the ball. His boardroom/contract struggle has taken priority. Its a shame as I think we really had it all to play for. A great squad. and that includes Keane. If he had some plan to replace him this month its backfired and we're looking short of options up front. Of course there is the quality there to get this season back on track and possibly even win it, but Im not sure if the players or the fans believe that rafa can change or adapt enough to halt what his fast becoming an inevitable countdown to change and another "five year plan". :no
  15. Dave D

    Phil Brown

    He got interviewed for the AFC Bournemouth job last year and didnt get it. They went for Kevin Bond. He's probably still smug that he's now in the premier league while they look like being relegated from the football league all together
  16. Dave D

    Reports linking Keane with City.

    Sums it up quite well really. He's definately caught in a Rafa/boardroom tussle. I just think to show no perserverance or faith in a £20m striker is unthinkable. He's not a bad player, and there are many many centre forwards you can draw parralells with who commanded big fees and then took a while to get going. Im surprised at the level of stick he has had on here regarding his mumbling expletives on being subbed. I think any proffesional footballer, Gerrard and Carra included, would break in the end at being hauled off practically every game. Its not as if the shirt came off and we was waving his arms about theatriclly. People are pointing at a run he had in the side but this was when Torres was injured so he was virtually playing as a lone front man which he's not cut out for. I think if Torres hadnt been injured it would all be so different and he would have proved a useful addition. The big worry now is we are going to be left with a striker in the run-in whos confidence is shot by his mangers lack of faith. Hardly ideal
  17. Dave D

    Reports linking Keane with City.

    Im still finding it hard to get my head round. £20million and we are looking to get rid after 5/6months. Cant decide if selling him now would be brave/masterstroke or foolish/stubborn in the extreme. Im a bit worried about keanes version of all this when he does go. Press will have a field day. What we need is Jari Litmanen!
  18. Sometimes when watching a game or listening to it on the radio, if things arent going our way I find myself turning it off as I think this will help?! Or suddenly realise its the top that Im wearing thats causing us problems! Or being instantly downbeat when you realise Jim Beglin is commentating. Or find myself stiflling my goal celebrations in big games "just in case" Or find myself always spending an hour reading Tomkins article on LFC.TV even though I know it will say pretty much the same as last week Or always betting on Mascherano to score first :wallbutt:
  19. Dave D

    Surely other people are weird too

    Know what you mean with the palm thing. Mines more of a "pull shirt over face" type of problem.
  20. Dave D

    Surely other people are weird too

    Yeah, should have kept shtum about that. Believe me, that was the tip of the iceberg
  21. Dave D

    Would you ever stop supporting Liverpool?

    No way. Even when my Anfield sausage roll turnt out to be a wet bag of gristle I just had to eat it out of loyalty. A lot of people say "if they fall out of love with football". I suppose this is based on the crazy billionaire transfer fee trend, league games abroad etc. Those that say that should think of how football has changed in the last 10/20years. If you had read some of the stories of today back in the late 80s you might have said the same then. Football is absolutely out of touch off its head round the bend crazy. BUT I LOVE IT!!!! (unless they change the rules and make the goals bigger, get half a goal for a corner, let you pick the ball up and make it an indoor ice rink game)
  22. Dave D

    Everton. FA cup.

    I know what you mean, but given our squad we really should be able to make a good go for all trophies. Its easy to let the Cup fall by the wayside in January, but when the semis and final are on the box in April and MayI always feel we should be there. Its a great trophy thats given our club some great memories. Saying that, I think we'll win on Sunday. I think the players will be really up for it
  23. Dave D

    Gerrard's Court Case

    I thought this kind of thing took months to get to court. Or is this some kind of preliminary hearing 2morow?
  24. Dave D

    Everton. FA cup.

    Id say thats a stronger side than mondays.
  25. Dave D

    Everton. FA cup.

    Based on mondays game he could justifiably make changes but I really hope he doesnt go too far. I realise footbal has changed and the stakes are very high now but I still dont fully support this treatment of such an historical tournament. Surely by stuffing the blues it would give the the team and club a big lift for the upcoming fixtures. Better than spluttering through or even worse. I wont say it........