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  1. I had a few beers last night and forgot about this result- I remembered whilst taking dog out for walk early this morning- put a a big smile on my face giving it the whole "good morning!" to everyone we walked past
  2. Dave D

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Football is so awash with dirty money it has no concept of reality. During a cost of living crisis clubs will still raise prices and pay the very average players normal peoples yearly salary each week- and they will get away with it and people will still go to the games as well as pay Sky Subscriptions etc When you think about it too deeply its fucking mental
  3. Dave D

    PODCAST: Should we sign another midfielder?

    Deadline day loan deal tempting Scott Parker out of retirement on the cards here
  4. Dave D

    Thiago Alcantara

    I’m annoyed at our ineptitude here- Klopp saw through Sturridge and addressed it. Stats are great but the reality is he is going to miss lots of games so you have to sign an alternative. He played his part in a woeful performance at the weekend. Not sure, but I’m guessing he’s on a very high wage- he wants to stay here he needs to take a pay cut in accordance with his game time. Love him as a player but our ability to evolve is hindered by his inability to string 10 games together without a lengthy lay off.
  5. Scouting doesn’t come into it. i was observing we have 1 formerly excellent player who I have nothing but respect for who is now probably not even a great option as an impact sub. I’d have preferred Origi or Minamino yesterday. We also have one truly superb player that will likely miss 15-20 games. Rely on that and it will bite you hard on the arse.
  6. Firmino a squad player at best. Thiago would be a great signing for the slightly overweight legends team. One game every 3 or 4 months would be ideal for him
  7. I did one a few years back. Weirdly, the place the course was held at was about a mile from where I was clocked speeding- seems logical, however I was the only local person there- (it was in Bournemouth and the rest of "class" ranged from Nottingham to Brighton to London etc- some of which had actually booked to stay in Premier Inns as it was so far and it went on for so long)
  8. When it all very first started I had to google what Brexit was. I knew the talk of us leaving the European Union was gathering pace but this Brexit word kept getting used- I thought it was some department/building in Brussels or something. It turns out it was a very clever non-sensical combining of words to save us all having to use actual words
  9. Dave D

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Its the Peoples club. Plans to let the local Scouts and Cubs paint the new ground. Local primary schools will take it turns to throw bags of grass seed to make the pitch. The goal nets are being knitted at the Old Folks home. Built with their bare hands lid
  10. Dave D

    Dont Pay, Energy bills mass action?

    This happened to The Young Ones. They even had to burn Ricks record player
  11. This is true- seen it many times
  12. 7/10 is exceptionally generous. Its looks perfectly fine but there has to be more than 3 levels of improvement on that showing
  13. I know Im getting older when my first thought when it started to rain today as it started to thunder was "thats good, should fill the water butt in the garden"
  14. Dave D

    Seeing forumites in real life

    If you can find me you can hire me
  15. Dave D

    Films That Have Aged Badly

    It was a dreadful film. Even the money supermarket advert did it better
  16. Fair point, such a set up could be fraught with biscuit opening hazards
  17. Open them in the kitchen you savage
  18. I had to call the RAC yesterday. After manging to divert my way through around 10 automated option menus I was still being very clearly told by some robot message that I would be far far better off going to www.RAC blah blah to report my breakdown rather than calling them.
  19. Dave D

    The Space Thread

    Funny you should say that. I am on a job tomorrow that is a grant funded expensive internal refurbishment of a......... ......foodbank Cant quite get my head around it- its perfectly functional now but the "official line" is to try and make it more comfortable for staff.
  20. Dave D

    Darwin Nunez - Thoughts?

    At half the transfer fee would have been a shrewd signing and a good option. For what we paid its heaped the pressure on his shoulders and makes its a gamble
  21. Dave D

    The Space Thread

    And still no RAC. Ive pointed a telescope in all directions- I did see a blurry flash of orange but think it was a bit of space debris
  22. Dave D

    The Space Thread

    It’s the looking back in time thing that blows my mind. I get the concept that it’s the light travelling billions of light years to get to us but surely that contradicts the theory it was “everywhere” as they are clearly pointing in a specific direction, we would have been part of the same explosion so perhaps we clearly don’t exist from the position the telescope is pointed at. So the light is travelling in all directions - so what happens when the light gets to all areas of the vastness of Space.... It’s a useful tool for an invading Imperial alien army- they could be on route but we wouldn’t see them as we are only seeing things from a trillion billion years prior. Finally, if the universe is saddle shaped, that gives it definable edges- work that out?! You will have to excuse my insane ramblings, I’ve been waiting 3 hours for the RAC this morning so very bored.......maybe they are here, but I just can’t see them as the light hasn’t arrived yet!
  23. Dave D

    Films That Have Aged Badly

    Get it watched!