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  1. Dirty Parry

    Giggs 2nd favourite for Sports Personality of the Year

    he is one of a handful of mancs who give us some respect. i have respect for giggs.
  2. Dirty Parry

    Liverpool FC...

    what a load of sanctimonious shite. honestly so we are not supposed to have a go at anything Liverpool even though its going tits up. fuck me some fans questioning their 'faith.' whatever next. get a fuckin grip.
  3. Dirty Parry

    The thick Manc cunt thread

    agreed. yet having spent that much we are left with a squad of considerable paucity.
  4. Dirty Parry

    Fellow forumites

    fucking imbecile.
  5. Dirty Parry

    Riddle Me This Rafaites

    yes and make him Liverpool manager. rafa has brought about his own downfall. wouldnt play crouch pissed off alonso too quick to get rid of keane too slow to use aquilani whos been fit for a month.
  6. Dirty Parry

    Liverpool to copy Arsenal

    5th highest wage bill yet we cant beat sunderland fulham birmingham? cant all be down to the yanks then.
  7. Dirty Parry

    Hansen on Liverpool

    best manager we never had is jocky.
  8. Dirty Parry

    Slur at it again

    yeah and if time was taken out of the refs hands and the time official didnt give you more time whos to blame then ginsoak.
  9. Dirty Parry

    World Cup Final

    never surprises me either wobbie the number of foreign people who hate england yet support english teams. but your too thick to figure arent you wobbie.
  10. Dirty Parry

    Weekends other games

    Very true my friend. cat believe some of the fans reactions here. puts villa in a better position than us but never mind cos united lost.
  11. Dirty Parry

    Weekends other games

    yeah, I can just hear you saying this again tomorrow if arsenal do us.
  12. Dirty Parry

    Weekends other games

    yeah we got to win now just to keep pace with them. typical of villa to beat united this season when it really mattered last season.
  13. Dirty Parry

    Slapper Stories

    some very vivid imaginations here!
  14. Dirty Parry

    Who's the bird doing the weather before MOTD

    is that your mum wobbie. i would.