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    Alberto Aquilani

    Didn't he get Lincoln promoted, Watford on 2 different occasions (to the top tier) in 2 different reigns (about 20 years apart), Villa promoted then 2nd in the top tier - very good CV if I've got this right. :whistle:
  2. STATT71


    That is fine but don't most top clubs have a back-up player the quality of Arbeloa as opposed to Degen, although we prob need the dough and as he is fringe WC squad so might want a move to to Real - and which, now, back-up Spanish player wouldn't? I understand why he would like a move but we are surely in it for the money. If Johnson gets injured/out of form we have a problem of where have we a consistant replacement in Arbeloa. Saying that it's only July.
  3. STATT71

    What ?? Voronin??

    He's looking better than his 'bitch' maybe if she tookthe cap off......
  4. STATT71


    He has been linked for about 4 months with a move to Madrid but that has heated up since his onfield 'spat' with JC, and since then rumour has it he wants to go. Don't know if there is any history in it! Very good player who can play more or less across the back four (was he LB against Barca on his debut?). Should get at least double what we paid. for a top world club we should be able to keep/want players of his quality - surley the likes of Degen are not as good. S
  5. STATT71

    Early leavers

    I might leave whilst the pea is still turning for Sir Robs AV but not robslappa's. But then it's what you're into.:drool: Sorry about the smileys new to this. and drunk
  6. STATT71

    Something special occured tonight

    Yeah, see where your coming from, but we qualified (not 2 legged really) with most points we have eveer done and are also 2nd only to UTD in the league - maybe best in Europe? I know 2nd isn't good enough.
  7. STATT71

    Something special occured tonight

    I can't understand why we are so in awe of RM - we are in, with La Liga, the best league in Europe only 2nd behind the Euro champs:wallbutt: and still in with a shout. There is not a team out there that wants to play us, Utd, Chelsea, Barca, and Munich. We are in the same 'league'. Saying that GREAT RESULT(6)
  8. STATT71

    Man Of the Match Vs Real Madrid - Away Leg

    Dossena was shite again :drool:. But liked Alonso, Kuyt ans Big Ben.
  9. STATT71


    That's excellent as well my friend!
  10. STATT71


    Good shout, but I would have been more than happy with Heinze at the time and we thought we had a problem at LB - still do. Fab is still injury prone but as is said the quality we were hoping for is now starting to show with a bit of a run. Hope he's not going to be slated next time we has a poor result........... S
  11. STATT71


    Thanks to all who have replied you've all been very helpful. Didn't expect anyone to reply. Looks like 11th St but could change. Cheers :thumbup:
  12. I am gong on the tear in New York between 28/2 - 5/3 :laugh:, Will be staying Upper West Side 96th St. Does anybody know if there is anywhere I'll be able to see the boro' and sunderland matches? Mucho thanko in advance.
  13. STATT71


    If this is in the wrong group - apolologies! I'm going to New york a week on Sat and has anybody been there. Can I get to see the Sunderland etc....