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  1. Mersey_Red

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Without giving anything away if you read the books there is a lot of hints supporting this theory. Plus Robert had all the Targaryan kids killed so there would be no future claims to his thrown. Eddard does find Lyanna Stark dying but its never stated by what cause. Hope this helps!
  2. When are they releasing the Rooney profile? ...... Oh Wait.
  3. Mersey_Red

    Summer 2011

  4. Mersey_Red

    West Brom vs Liverpool FC match thread

    Anyone got a link please?
  5. Mersey_Red

    West Brom vs Liverpool FC match thread

    Stream please guys if anyone has one
  6. Mersey_Red

    Buying a new pc

    Standard home pc really, i dont play much on it (thats what my handy Xbox is for!) except football manager which wont need too much i imagine.
  7. Mersey_Red

    Buying a new pc

    Cheers guys will have a looksy
  8. Mersey_Red

    Buying a new pc

    hi guys just wondering if anyone has any advice, im looking at buying a desktop computer, (no monitor required) Budget of about £300 - £350. Any advice where to look would be great!
  9. Mersey_Red

    Game Thread: v Rabotnicki (a)

    If anyone knows of any streams tonight, pm me please
  10. Mersey_Red

    Robert Green to retire after World Cup

    Come on guys, some of these jokes are getting out of hand now, some are even crossing the line. I'll just get my coat.
  11. Mersey_Red

    The pic of the white pants with massive skidmark

    Raffa the gaffa puts the skid in pants i'll have you know
  12. Mersey_Red

    Possible urban myths you heard in school

    I remember a rumor went around our school that one of the teachers was banging a Year 11, turned out to be true, he's still with her as well, Madness
  13. Mersey_Red

    Liverpool to sign Maxi Rodriguez

    Cheers, been avoiding the echo lately to be honest
  14. Mersey_Red

    Liverpool to sign Maxi Rodriguez

    Wheres the info on Chamakh coming from?