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    Adverts you hate.

    There's one on at the moment for Saniflo. The dubbing is so unbelievably shit that its actually quite difficult to hate it.
  2. Colonelbogbrush

    Crap characters in great films

    Agree with this, he also makes an appearance in the second film too, when he gets his boat nicked at the end. Although lets not pretend there was anything great about that film.
  3. Colonelbogbrush

    John Bishop

    I thought Hugh Jackman came across well, but completely agree, Crystal was being a prick and rude. Clearly did not consider Bishop famous enough to warrant engaging him in actual conversation. I think Norton set him up a bit initially, but was fine after that. I agree with previous comments though, Bishop seems like a decent sort regardless of his ability to make you laugh
  4. Well we have just launched a satellite called Skynet, so maybe he's right? Just over 24 hours for it to become self aware and then we are all fucked
  5. Colonelbogbrush

    Amy Jackson PHWOAR!!

    She's relocated to Mumbai, I'd love to be there when she gets the shits
  6. Colonelbogbrush

    Best city and country you've ever visited?

    Amazing geographical features, lovely food and the women are incredible. Its not very easy to get to and is surrounded by the more popular Peru, Argentina and Brasil, so not necessarily packed with tourists either. Although I did catch food poisoning there from eating undercooked cow's intestine. Made me do projectile green sloppy poos, but didn't tarnish my memory at all. If your lad's teacher is a woman, then he's a lucky little fucker
  7. Colonelbogbrush

    Best city and country you've ever visited?

    Seville Bolivia
  8. Colonelbogbrush

    Darren Burgess

    Yeah I wonder. It wouldn't surprise me at all
  9. Colonelbogbrush

    Other teams' 2012/12 kits

    Poor old Jack, his look of resignation is probably something to do with the fact his shirt has lines all over it
  10. Colonelbogbrush

    Paul Scholes

    Zidane and Xavi also have the distinct advantage of having shared a pitch with him on multiple occasions. If you are happy to put the opinion of people who have watched MOTD a load of times, over the opinions of two of the greatest midfielders ever, then that's your choice. I think you are wrong though. Scholes has been a fucking brilliant player, its just a massive shame it was for them
  11. Colonelbogbrush

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I read that as for every successful tackle Adam makes, he then concedes a foul, not he attempted 62 tackles. Also, what is happening to Jonas Gutierrez in that photo? It looks like he's getting sucked off
  12. Colonelbogbrush

    Carlos Tevez

    I might be wrong, but I think that is something to do with his old club Corinthians.
  13. Colonelbogbrush


    Excellent news and sadly a rarity with today's films. Here's hoping for some good old fashioned suspense and gore
  14. Colonelbogbrush

    The National Anthem

    Its just a matter of respect. Im no fan of the England football team despite being English, but find booing the anthem disgraceful. If you dont like it, just shut up and ignore it, no need to boo it. Football fans as a whole are growing more disrespectful by the year. Evidenced by a minority of Chelsea fans in the semi. I also find it infuriating that whenever a footballing figure dies these days, a stadium of fans is unable to put together a minute's silence now, it has to be a minute applause.
  15. Colonelbogbrush

    Credit to Everton

    Well done. Saturday was always only going to be about the 96, it was special that a local derby in a huge game was the way it was commemorated this year. I think its easy enough to draw attention to their bad side and their bitterness. I have mates who have displayed both the good and the bad. A healthy rivalry grows through respect and some dislike from both sides and long may it continue. The vitriol we've heard from some of them is expected, but yes, fair play to those who have risen above it and taken the time to show their respect. In these days of the monied game and mercenary professional footballer, there is a lot worse out there than them.
  16. Colonelbogbrush

    London pubs

    I live in Canada Water and this man's advice is spot on. Head to London Bridge and walk down to Ruse. If that is packed out, try Roxy Bar and Screen on Borough High Street which has a massive screen and decent beers. You won't find anything in the Canada Water / Canary Wharf area at all
  17. Colonelbogbrush

    Kate Upton NSFW

    I would definitely show her my flopsy
  18. Colonelbogbrush

    Name the Player Quiz

    Was incredibly bored so decided to go on a wiki/google marathon to find this as it would have annoyed me. But I had no hope in hell of working it out. Will remain silent in case somebody gets it though
  19. Colonelbogbrush

    Name the Player Quiz

    John Scales?
  20. Colonelbogbrush

    Name the Player Quiz

    Don't be ridiculous, nobody has ever done that
  21. Colonelbogbrush

    Bit of help if ye can

    Oh well, you are probably just being paranoid mate. I look forward to your thread tomorrow "why am I so hungry?"
  22. Colonelbogbrush

    Bit of help if ye can

    Not necessarily. A lot of these grow farms are set up in abandoned or derelict houses and the electricity supply is pinched from next door. Some sort of electrical trick where they pull out your wires and hook it up to theirs and hey presto. Basically you get charged for it and its extremely dangerous too. Perhaps check you electricity usage?
  23. Colonelbogbrush

    Man of the match - Game 38 - Everton - Home - PL

    Gerrard Kelly Carroll The BBC headline obviously written before injury time
  24. Did this last week. I was of the opinion that as a first offence, I wanted to keep my licence clean and for £30 extra thought it was worth it, particularly with insurance ramifications. The course itself is actually half decent. 3-4 hours of some dude chatting to you as a group. Its not a lecture as such, there is no pass or fail and it didn't come across as condescending. Everyone turns up with glum faces like they are waiting outside the headmaster's office, as you are all there for the same reason. The guy sat next to me was only doing it because he was on 9 points already and didnt want to lose his licence, so there appears to be no cut off. But as someone has already mentioned, the course is only available once every three years. Its basically a load of questions on stopping distances, speed limits on various roads etc. The only two ways to fail are to turn up late (they will kick you out) or if you fall asleep. No fitties on my course though. They need to keep your attention for 3-4 hours, so the instructor was quite animated and amiable. Found myself driving a bit more carefully for a few days afterwards, but quickly returned to my spasticated ways
  25. Colonelbogbrush


    Its us, we've got to hit the woodwork at least once