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  1. tonyop

    Holly Willoughby

    If you can't lift it you shouldn't Fuck it.
  2. tonyop

    Profound sounding bollocks

    Don't fuck what you can't lift!
  3. tonyop

    Profound sounding bollocks

    [quote name="ROTOQ" Don't fuck 'out you can't fight EDIT: Actually probably doesn't belong in this thread as its good advice
  4. tonyop

    The "Does anyone remember this?" Thread

    Chanson D'amour by Manhattan Transfer (1977ish)
  5. tonyop

    Women in Sport - The Hottest - prob NSFW

    Never Fuck Owt You Can,t Lift.
  6. 1, Nigella Lawson (It's Russell Brand in drag surely) 2, Holly Willoughby ( A Toblerone and a fit of depression away from being 18 Stone.) 3, Ruth Langsford 4, Kim Kardashian and her two uglier sisters. 5, Emma Willis
  7. If you can't lift her you don't fuck her!
  8. If you can't lift her you don't fuck her!
  9. tonyop

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I fell asleep during this! 4/10
  10. She looks a bit heavy in Corrie!
  11. tonyop

    Paul Weller

    Fri 4th July £42
  12. tonyop

    Paul Weller

    He's playing Delamere forest in July. It's a really good setting if he bothers to play some good songs. Outside venue, take yr own ale n food.
  13. tonyop

    Paul Weller

    I saw him at Royal Court bout 2003....... Absolute Shite! Up his own arse and played every obscure song he possibly could. My mates are more into him than I am and they left disapointed too.
  14. tonyop

    Music fans. You're dead. One tune.

    Pearl Jam; Just Breathe.