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  1. Long shot I know since the show isn't even sold out, but I have a ticket for NXT in Liverpool on Wednesday, does anyone want to take it off my hands? £100 face value. Third row from ringside.
  2. Ignore that, Kirk is on skend's list next to Martin Crowe. Must have filled in the wrong box.
  3. Fuckin hell lads, Ali has been gone for how long and Im the one bumping this with the news? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-16011175 Updated scores. 4 players had Ali, littletedwest, redheart, rubble-rouser and MegadriveMan
  4. Same here. Just got a shake of the head off the referee for telling a joke while Ding was down on a shot causing laughter...
  5. Elite is the only one scoring points this week with Prince. Replacement?
  6. Just bought myself a seat for the NXT show in June at the Echo. First wrestling since No Mercy came to Manchester in 99.
  7. There hasn't, but an interesting idea. Currently we have a pretty simple, 30,20,10 points for picks. How would anyone suggest adding in this stipulation? Half points seems a bit harsh but the amount scored off of Daniels recently... Updated leaderboard, Woolster leapfrogs Babb's whilst Red_or_Dead joins him in 2nd. Good year this year and we're only in March.
  8. You won last year, how easy do you want it?
  9. Yea you have to pick. Unless you wanna go looking through 9 pages of this thread and prove you already picked Daniels. Im not giving you any easy ones this year.
  10. Apologies. Fixed now, along with Wilder. I've replaced Daniels with Mary Tyler Moore
  11. Updated scoreboard after Daniels.
  12. Paul Daniels now featured on 6 death lists. Still need replacements from Sugar Ape, paddyberger, MegadriveMan, and Joe Strummer.
  13. Well done mate. Jammy bastard. Yea Ill do some sort of secondary list just including deaths. Here you go.
  14. Don't seem to have your list in my spreadsheet mate, can you reply to our conversation? I cleared my inbox recently. Sorry about that. I've replaed Crowe with Paul Daniels, still need replacmenets from Stronts, skend04, MegadriveMan and Joe Strummer.
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