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  1. fungus

    Philippe Coutinho

    People do realise that this 'fake' injury just before the transfer window means he is missing 3 weeks for Barcelona right? Guess he could just be pretending to lend it credibility...
  2. fungus

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Jesus! Shut up about VAR!
  3. fungus

    Spitting in football

    Swallow I guess, what would you do on a treadmill in a gym?
  4. fungus

    Spitting in football

    Why? I just watched Guardiola spit on the sidelines, it's something that boils my piss if I see someone doing it on the street to the extent that I'll call a complete stranger a dirty cunt. It's pure filth and there's absolutely no need for it. Footballers do it all the time and by the end of the game they're just sliding around in each others spit. Are footballers making spitting socially acceptable?
  5. Urrrgh that would involve me removing libreelec and installing android on my wetek. Pain. Elysium is slow as shit and isn't picking up watched markers from trakt.
  6. covenant is shit for me. Developer has bowed out apparently. I'll give Elysium another shot.
  7. so covenant is dead (and bennu) apparently....any alternatives with trakt integration?
  8. Do street dance movies count as a genre? Nobody can defend them surely.
  9. Nearly every genre...so what you're saying is that there are some we can rule out?
  10. fungus

    Alberto Moreno

    Haven't noticed any difference, other than clearing with his right foot the other day. That was interesting, shows he has potential to be even better.
  11. Just watched the latest episode of Nathan for you, Solomons makeup job was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. Laughed so much it hurt.
  12. fungus

    The IPTV Thread

    I did a trial again over the weekend and it is indeed working without a VPN now, and I'm not on some boondocks ISP. I will miss the list view from smoothstreams and some of the channels weren't quite up to SS standards but a bit of searching around in the US section got me a perfect MSNBC or whatever it is (mis-labelled as TSN 1). So for the extra 8000 channels and being about £60 for the year, think I'll stick with it.
  13. fungus

    Other football - 2017/18 edition.

    Phil Neville's tone doesn't match his words. His words really should be "oh yeah baby, shake those titties, make me cum, come on baby"
  14. fungus

    The IPTV Thread

    Gong to try iptv forest again...definitely doesn't need VPN at the minute?