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  1. fungus

    Other Football 2021/22

    Hmmmm Steve Bruce is available, might not be a bad time for them to sack Ole
  2. No need for them to try to get one of ours sent off, Klopp evening things up by bringing on the ox
  3. fungus

    Other Football 2021/22

    Seen all of 5 minutes of this psg game but Bilal Brahimi for Angers looks interesting
  4. fungus

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    I really like Gini, hard not to like a handsome bastard like that, but I was never really sold on him, sure he was always available and worked hard (rare combo these days) but I always felt he was a bit limited, held on to the ball far too long with his head down, got caught up in little battles which he won his fair share of but ones he shouldn't have been in as he should have released the ball earlier and got us on our way.
  5. fungus

    Other Football 2021/22

    A player in an offside position at the moment the ball is played or touched* by a team-mate is only penalised on becoming involved in active play by: interfering with an opponent by: challenging an opponent for the ball or clearly attempting to play a ball which is close when this action impacts on an opponent or making an obvious action which clearly impacts on the ability of an opponent to play the ball How the new rule and these existing rules co-exist I have no idea And while I'm on the subject, this one is also bollocks: a player in an offside position is moving towards the ball with the intention of playing the ball and is fouled before playing or attempting to play the ball, or challenging an opponent for the ball, the foul is penalised as it has occurred before the offside offence So a player is in an offside position and gets put through for a one on one, defender panics thinks where the fuck did he come from, no idea that he was offside, hauls him down....red card
  6. fungus

    Other Football 2021/22

    That's exactly what happened, rules or no, don't make it right. If mbappe isn't there in an offside position then the defender doesn't need to defend, he can't even see him so has no idea if he's offside. We always hear the commentators yacking on about play to the whistle but tonight instead of them saying he shouldn't have played to the whistle all we hear is great decision by the English officials.
  7. Yeah, I live alone and work from home in a job where I don't do much work, I've seen succession.
  8. I was pretty much done with Billions just watching it out of habit but this second half of season 5 has been brilliant... Half way through final episode now (on here looking for what to watch next) The show is so much better when Axe isn't on screen
  9. 2 points thrown away against a mediocre team
  10. It's like they saw Tsimikas causing all sorts of problems with great corners and Robertson just went naaaa I'll keep doing that thing where I hit the first man.