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  1. I know there’s no time for two club cunts on here but Sporting just need 4 points to clinch the Premeira. Three years ago they were known as the worst run club in world football, when their president paid supporters to attack players at the training ground. Just goes to show anything is possible and you are never as far away as you think. All done on a shoestring budget, with a rookie manager and a bunch of punk kids. Big Seb Coates finally came good.

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  2. 35 minutes ago, aws said:

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    I don't like it in principle but I'm prepared to wait for more details about it and UEFA's counter plans before jumping to a conclusion. I'd be happy with the status quo if FFP was enforced properly but it won't be. I'm not going to be happy when the Saudis take over Newcastle and other clubs get bought by other countries or crooks leaving sides who live mostly on their fruits of their own efforts scrambling around for the crumbs.  

    Can’t some it up any better than this.