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  1. That's the stuff Meow Meow, don't reckon the name will catch on..


    You can buy it off the T'interweb i've been told? Word on the street is that it's about to explode everywhere as Cocaine is a total waste of time now. I couldn't see myself doing it every weekend but £10 a gram is better than paying £40 for shit coke. The come down was a bit Lionel Messi in parts but I put that down to lack of kip and no food?

  2. I only use to know it as a Brian Jonestown Massacre album until last Friday night..


    It's a legal high.. That actually gets you high. It's a cross between MDMA and Coke and only £10 a gram. I put it up my hooter but I think your suppose to take it orally? I was pretty wankered before I got my hands on it, so I wouldn't trust my judgement. Got me and my mates totally fucked though, talking shit till the morning and loving the tunes. The geezer who I got it off said there was literally no comedown!! I wouldn't agree with that but I could actually hold a coversation with ma n pa the next day.


    Anybody ever come across it before?