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  1. 3 hours ago, Scott_M said:

    Do we have any resident Primeira Liga SME’s in here? Or anybody who’s watched Benfica in Europe or Portugal internationals?


    Basically, I’m trying to establish if this guy is any good. 

    There is an article on BBC interviewing some Portugese coaches talking him up, which I’d sort of expect. 

    But he obviously wasn’t their 1st choice. It’s quite conceivable that after Kouibally, Giminez & the Sevilla player, he’s 4th choice. 5th if you class Ake as well.


    They have got shut of Otemendi though, which instantly improves him. 

    He’s definitely Benfica’s best player but this is the worst Benfica team in a generation, playing in the weakest Primeira I’ve ever seen. Really hard to judge. 

  2. 10 minutes ago, TheDrowningMan said:

    It’s hilarious to think that they decided Van Dijk’s price tag was too high. Assuming he’d have gone there, they would have saved over £100m this window alone, have just won a fourth consecutive league title and fuck knows what else had they not dicked around on that deal.

    I could be wrong but I think they pulled out as Virg has zero interest in signing for them. Just trying to save face on amazon prime.

  3. 3 hours ago, Doctor Troy said:

    What happened to that Brazilian keeper from Fluminense?. There was a photo of him boarding a plane in Rio about 5 days ago to come here and sign for us yet there's been no official announcement. Did he fly into the Bermuda Triangle?

    From what I read on Twitter, LFC don’t announce under 18s signings

  4. Just now, Jairzinho said:

    Nice, never been that far west in Portugal. Climate must be pretty nice there.


    Coats should get a decent run out between November and February.

    Where you at again? Seville is closer to me than Lisbon. Looking forward to a few day trips to Spain, Cadiz is only down the road and Gibraltar is not far too (if they let me in)