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  1. 4 minutes ago, johnsusername said:

    Instant Karma? Mind Games? Jealous Guy? #9 Dream? Whatever gets you through the night? Gimme some truth? Watching the wheels? Just like starting over?


    These are pretty good songs like. 

    Find it difficult to pick a favourite. The king of melody for me. The perfect pop vocal and a pretty nifty song writer to boot. Whoever gets past the walrus deserves to win. 

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  2. So we took our Gato Rui to the vet. He got tested for FIV/leukaemia and came back negative. Great news, we can now get him microchipped and neutered. 
    We are still unsure what to do about his leg. The original X-ray showed he fractured his leg and it healed without being treated. This means he hops around. The vet said he’d be fine but we think as he’s still young it might me better if they re-broke his leg and get it set properly. The vet here in Portugal seems fairly basic, I’m wondering if there’s somewhere online we can get some advice?

  3. A couple from my village found an abandoned cat in a forest with a injured leg. We were planning on adopting a cat after we finished decorating but this little fucker pulled at our heart strings. The couple took him to the vet and they think he broke/fractured his leg and it’s not healed properly.

    We are going back to the vet tomorrow and hoping there’s some way of making it more comfortable for him as he hops about a bit.
    My previous cat wasn’t very sociable but this guy is the complete opposite. He constantly needs love and affection. 
    Just hope that he’ll be ok as he’s part of the family after 24hrs already. We’ve called him Rui.


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  4. Album leaked yesterday. Wasn’t expecting much after hearing ‘letter to you’ and ‘ghosts’ but it’s pretty good. The re-worked tracks are probably the standout. ‘Janey needs a shooter’ is Bruce turned up to eleven. You don’t really want it to end, you can imagine it being fucking epic live. 
    ‘Song for Orphans’ sounds like it’s off Highway 61 revisited.

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