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  1. El Diego

    What Songs Or Album Titles Sum You Up?

    Everyday is like sunday
  2. El Diego

    Philippe Coutinho

    100% unless we actually try and replace him.
  3. El Diego

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    They sell this in Asda for 25 nicker, It’s not bad. Mind you, my go to for a Margarita is basic Jose Cuervo. You can pick up Agave syrup in most supermarkets now, much better than using sugar syrup.
  4. El Diego

    Orange juice preference

    You can chew the M&S with bits, different gravy.
  5. El Diego

    Neil Young

    Where did you hear them Mook?
  6. El Diego


    Been Vaping for a week and slowly coming around to the fact that it’s time to knock the tabs on the head. Does anybody vape CBD? Just wondering if it’s worth a blast?
  7. El Diego

    ‘Convince me they’re great’

    Totally agree but pretty batshit you never put up anything from Ben’s my friend.
  8. El Diego

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Blitz a bottle of Plymouth gin this week. Really nice stuff, I’d probably put it above Tanqueray which is normally my go too. Anybody recommend summit new?
  9. Div speaks so well, seems like a great lad.
  10. Last Race across the world tonight. Rather the prem gets cancelled then see Jen win.
  11. El Diego


    Just found out that the menthol cigarettes ban comes in on May 20th. There’s no way I can go back to smoking standard cigs. Help me become a vape mong, please.
  12. El Diego

    Best music video ever ?

    Other favourites include Pretty much any Weezer video Foo Fighters - Everlong The La’s - There she goes The Beatles - Rooftop
  13. El Diego

    Favourite film for each decade you've been alive

    Feel like a bulb for leaving out The Shawshank Redemption
  14. El Diego

    Favourite film for each decade you've been alive

    80s - Ferris Buellers day off 90’s - Trainspotting 00’s - City of God 10’s - Inside Llewyn Davies 20s - Trolls world tour. Fuck, that’s tough.
  15. El Diego

    Radio X

    Having a queen song at number 1 makes it null & void.
  16. Ken Bruce by a distance.
  17. El Diego

    Masters 2019

    My last bet of the year. I’m on Day, Fowler, Bubba & Kuchar. Just stuck another sky diver on Bubba. He shot par yesterday and is available at 80/1.
  18. Sky arts is free at the moment. Just watched Elvis ‘the searcher’ What a lad. Contributions from Springsteen & Petty. Off to get me a Burger & some Nytol.