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  1. Imagine not even being able to raise a smile whilst watching this.
  2. That version of ‘Thunder road’ is absolute fucking mustard.
  3. “Is there anybody alive out there tonight?!”
  4. El Diego

    New National Lockdowns

    Christmas in lockdown with no footie would be grim.
  5. Solsbury hill is an absolute banger and top reds tune.
  6. Spot on, Bob’s vocal technique changes from album to album. Only era that grated on me me is the over pronunciation on ‘blonde on blonde’ Read somewhere that he’s happiest now with his vocal range.
  7. If anything Stig’s experiment has shown us that people’s tastes are pretty fucked up. Pointless trying to work them out. For example, I’d walk on broken glass to see Springsteen live but go for a piss when he plays ‘born to run’ as it sucks the life out of me.
  8. Bob already beginning to struggle in this because people think he can’t sing.
  9. Find it difficult to pick a favourite. The king of melody for me. The perfect pop vocal and a pretty nifty song writer to boot. Whoever gets past the walrus deserves to win.
  10. Fair do’s. Just find it odd you like one but not the other.
  11. Enlighten us. Clearly must be a wum.
  12. Love Roy but it’s fucking Bob and it’s not even close.
  13. Hank. The first rock n roll star.
  14. El Diego

    Cat Pics

    So we took our Gato Rui to the vet. He got tested for FIV/leukaemia and came back negative. Great news, we can now get him microchipped and neutered. We are still unsure what to do about his leg. The original X-ray showed he fractured his leg and it healed without being treated. This means he hops around. The vet said he’d be fine but we think as he’s still young it might me better if they re-broke his leg and get it set properly. The vet here in Portugal seems fairly basic, I’m wondering if there’s somewhere online we can get some advice?
  15. El Diego

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    Party on Champ!
  16. El Diego

    New European super league?

    Fuck it. Football is shit nowadays anyways.
  17. Both versions of Powderfinger are ace. The original on acoustic with open chords. The electric is easy with a cool lick. Cinnamon girl is fucking great. Harvest moon is probably my favourite. bookmark this site. All the tabs are spot on. http://songx.se/