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  1. [YOUTUBE]JC-pF3OHY1c[/YOUTUBE] YouTube - New Mexico Lobos soccer player Elizabeth Lambert plays rough with BYU Going Viral ESPN I think you'll agree she is fucking amazing!!
  2. El Diego

    Birmingham - Monday

    I guess with Yossi and Albert crocked this means Babel will get a run in the team? Brilliant!!!! N'gog gets better with every game, really like the cheating little weasel. I wonder if Rafa is thinking about selling Aquilani back to Roma in the xmas window for 12m? You never know?
  3. El Diego

    Lyon vs. Liverpool 04/11/09

    This will probably go down like a shit sandwhich but.. I thought the Greek did ok for 70 minutes, infact.. I think he had a good game - for 70 minutes. It was only his second game in a Liverpool shirt and he hasn't played much football this season. Give the greek a break.
  4. El Diego

    Attitude to Europa League

    If we drew Everton in the later rounds it would be the stuff dreams are made of.
  5. El Diego

    Lyon vs. Liverpool 04/11/09

    Two fucking minutes injury time??? And that fucking lasagna's beard looks like a pig minge.
  6. El Diego

    Cruyff returns...

    I'll still be giving the forum 100% of my attention, don't you worry!!
  7. El Diego

    Katherine Jenkins

    Fap, Fap, Fap!!!
  8. El Diego


    The Green album is a great pop album, Remember Rivers saying after Pinkerton he only wanted to release pop albums from now on. At least the crazy little bastard seems happy now. Fingers crossed for a uk tour, could be the last?
  9. El Diego


    One does apologise. Didn't know the crack, most forum's share music (ace)freely.
  10. El Diego

    PES 2010

    Was a bit disappointed at first but it's growing.. Only played the computer so far, so isn't fair to give a proper review.
  11. El Diego


    Raditude leaked tonight MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
  12. El Diego

    Lacoste Tracksuits

    Got one at crimbo in the sale - £100 from £169.99 Oh fuck yeah
  13. El Diego

    Pavement fans

    Got my ticket today, a Wednesday in Landan is a bit naff but beggars.. Would never of known tickets went on sale today if it hadn't of been for this thread, nice swan.
  14. El Diego

    Pavement fans

    One date, 'the fuck?
  15. El Diego

    PES 2010

    Out Friday, i'm moist.
  16. El Diego

    Bier keller Bristol

    Need to be pished, bit of a crack den.
  17. El Diego

    Gigs I have been to recently thread

    This year I've seen Dylan, Springsteen and Young. It's all downhill from now.
  18. El Diego

    Liverpool v Lyon (20/10/09)

    Lucas needs to grow his hair back, couldn't pick him out at all tonight.
  19. 1. Pepe 2. Agger 3. Mascherano
  20. El Diego

    Liverpool v Lyon (20/10/09)

    Each game were getting worse but Pepe gets even better!!! Would never even dream of sacking Rafa this season, it would be total madness.
  21. El Diego

    Liverpool v Lyon (20/10/09)

    Deserve to be third in the table.
  22. El Diego

    Liverpool v Lyon (20/10/09)

    I remember Sidney Govou being like a shit Sylvian Wiltord? He looks hotter than shit? Where's Wiltord these days, get him signed.
  23. El Diego

    Liverpool v Lyon (20/10/09)

    That Cissokho was awesome against the Mancs last year, Kelly in for a night of it..
  24. El Diego

    John Barnes declared bankrupt?

    Maybe he could sell a few of those flashy suits? John Barnes on coke? Don't believe that for one minute.