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  1. 1. Forest Hills 2. ZX8000 3. Indoor Tennis 4. Borg elite 5. Gazelle If you put a gun to my swede.
  2. I’ll have to take your word for it? You old.
  3. Garfield made Rude dog look like one of the other dweebs.
  4. What’s better than being a cat?
  5. Garfield was a fucking lad.
  6. El Diego

    Random musical chat.

    We should get Slowthai to greet the city bus from now on.
  7. El Diego

    Clothing brands that you rarely see anymore

    I had a flashback the other week of a pair of diadora tennis shoes I had when I was about ten. Wish I still had them.
  8. Relegated Just Wolves. I fucking hate their inbred fans and invent your own fucking songs. Promoted WBA. Just so they can Lord it over their inbred neighbours. Plus you can go for a cig at halftime at the Hawthorns.
  9. El Diego

    Top 5 Rock'N'Roll Stars Of All Time

  10. El Diego

    Holly Willoughby

    Barrymore has done more beak than Ed the duck.
  11. El Diego

    More Barrymore Bollocks

    Bends my mind why the other five people would keep quiet.
  12. Still feel like I’ve been violated. Glad there’s a 8 month break.
  13. It’s what makes it such a great sport. When you think it’s over, it’s never over. Brutal finish.
  14. Got that sinking feeling.
  15. What a team, what a fucking defence