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  1. El Diego

    Gordon Banks

  2. El Diego

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Bruno Fenandes, nobody has scored more goals from midfield in Europe this season. His corner kicks beat the first man and every think.
  3. El Diego


    Not recommended for a week day tipple. Feel like I’ve been on a three day crack binge this morning. Pray for me.
  4. El Diego

    Neil Young

    If you sign up to Neil Young archives (about $20 for the year) you can watch last nights show
  5. El Diego


  6. El Diego


    Flogged some shit on ebay, so had some spare cash and treated myself to a Bottle of Monkey 47 £38 for 50cl It’s alright. Tastes a bit like Sainsbury’s traditional lemonade. Prefer my gin to taste like gin. Stick your rhubarb up your arse.
  7. El Diego

    Guitar enthusiasts.

    Gibson Studio. Paid about £900 for it in 98. Would like to help fund towards a Fender Jazzmaster or go balls deep on a Humingbird. Apart from eBay, not sure where to flog it?
  8. El Diego

    Guitar enthusiasts.

    Thinking about selling my Guitar. Anyone got any tips?
  9. El Diego

    Best ever British soap character?

    Steve McDonald My hero, my mate.
  10. El Diego

    Andrew Robertson

    I always thought left back was a beige, good for nothing, pointless, run of the mill position until Robbo came around. He’s the people’s champ and absolute brilliant footballer and you wouldn’t swap him for the world.
  11. El Diego

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    What do the Led Zep fans think of Greta Van fleet?