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  1. El Diego

    Your favourite bands of the 1980s

    U2 The Pixies The La’s The Replacements The Smiths The Pogues The Traveling Wilburys
  2. El Diego

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    I’ve been smashing it sideways. Had a look on amazon today for gin and I reckon 50% of the gin had sold out. Might start looking into home brewing.
  3. El Diego

    Neil Young

    Neil Young’s app is free at the moment, he’s done two acoustic sessions so far. Does a quality version of this. Also, heard this the other day for the first time in ages. Absolute fucking belter.
  4. Super Cam been released by the Panthers.
  5. El Diego

    Online food shopping

    Anyone buy cigs online? What’s my best option?
  6. El Diego


  7. El Diego

    Career Change

    My last day tomorrow in a dead end job, I’ve been stuck in for the last 14 years. Can’t even go out for a bev. Defo some kind of cat nonce in a previous life.
  8. El Diego

    What Are Your Isolation Essentials ?

    90s album: Weezer - Weezer  Pre 90s album: Bob Dylan - Highway 61 revisited Post 90s album: The war on drugs - lost in a dream Film: Stand by me Instrument: Harmonica in the key of C  Crisps: McCoys steak Phone App Game: Twitter TV Box-Set: Entourage  TV Comedy: Bottom  Wank Woman: Marilyn from home & away
  9. El Diego

    Cheltenham 2020

    Shit day. Better save some money to spunk on Friday.
  10. El Diego

    Cheltenham 2020

    1.30 Mario De Pail - a bloke called Mario painted my house 2.10 Rouge vif - he’s a massive red 2.50 Vinndication - play footie with the part owner (not Carol Vorderman) 3.30 Silver streak - likes the mud 4.10 meh 4.50 Espoir de Guye - mud again
  11. Race across the world on BBC2 is great Sunday evening viewing.
  12. El Diego

    Naby Keita - Stick or Twist

    We’ll always have that Cruyff turn against Palace.
  13. El Diego

    Cheltenham 2020

    I’ve stank the place out for the last three years. Signed up to gamestop two years ago but I’m still balls deep when Cheltenham comes around.