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  1. I was just making the point that the Labour MP who spoke was around a similar age so I'd assume the poverty he experienced growing up is fuck all to the poverty people talk about now. I'd imagine he was referring back to the poverty he experienced growing up and couldn't understand how people can say that they can't afford to feed their families, for instance, yet can afford, sky, Sky telly or other material possessions.


    Referring back to the likes of Victorian and Medieval ages is just pedantic bollocks and you know it.


    I'm not saying I totally agree with what the MP said as I don't think he worded it in the best possible way but he made a valid point, in my opinion.


    We've never had it so good in the last 10 years and as a result, people have become a hell of a lot more materialistic and become dependent on things that are hardly essential.


    Again, I'm not saying people aren't struggling because a few obviously are, but cutting your cloth accordingly and sacrificing a few material possessions can be a big difference to some people.


    It just seems a lot of people nowadays don't have the capability to make the most of what resources they have. For instance, I read somewhere in the week that a woman had wasted something like £30s worth of food in a week from leftovers and such. Being able to maximise whatever you have, for instance, can help make little differences in the long run.


    youre making all these points.Id like to know your lifestye!. worker,student,family man what? how much do you earn? have you lived on benefits?.

  2. They don't wash their hair, they smoke cannabis as part of their religion.


    all this stuff about them being fun being is crap. You wouldnt want to drive down a wrong road in their neighbourhood.! i ma talking from experience. St pauls was/is a no go area for bristolians

  3. I couldn't believe the criticism the Labour MP got a few weeks ago when he said that people should stop moaning during this recession because they've never had it so good.


    I'm not sure if I agree with the phrasing but I agree with the principles behind what he said.


    The poverty people speak of nowadays is fuck all compared to what the likes of my nan and grandad experiences in the post-war generation. Even people living below the poverty line nowadays can afford things like Sky telly, broadband, games consoles and a few tellies in their homes.


    we all know our grandparents had it hard in their day. dripping on toast etc!. Now you have terribly well off folk,lottery winners etc out there. You didnt get that years back. This is 2008. Poor people are finding it hard believe me!Fairly dangerous levels of benefit to live on, due to rising bills etc.

  4. ALL the women look like Anne Widecombe, the town has a Portreeve who is more like everyone's imagining of Friar Tuck than can be real, the sheep are scruffy as fook and it rains constantly, the postmistress has a glass eye and her son recently threw the rope up. Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop etc etc.


    better than liverpool!!:blah. Stayed at lodgings in tuebrook, many years ago.The landlady said she used to drown little kittens! fucking liverpudlian shitter! :sick:

  5. Dont know any but I like them. There always smiley and have nice hair.


    And dont forget Bob Marley and the king of sauces Levi Roots.


    It fact its hard to dislike them.


    Can anyone add to my Rasta Reps?


    too many of the cunts live in st pauls, bristol. :thumbdown

  6. :

    I'm fucking pissing myself here, I literally can barely type, thread of the year so far!!!



  7. On reflection imagine all the lives that could have been ruined if i had of killed him. He was a cunt but his parents/family might not have been, they wouldn't have deserved that.


    Although thinking about it again today, if i was transported back to that time, i would have made a better effort to cause him severe pain and disfigurement.


    ted..you sound a right hard cunt! :biggrin:

  8. I am really ashamed and embarrased to admit that I was suspended for 6 months when i was about 14 for attempting to stab a bully in the back with a screwdriver during a woodwork lesson. He was about to pour paint thinners on another pupil, i just lost it for a millisecond. The cock had been a pain in the arse for years, sorry to say but he almost had it coming and thank god the teacher managed to get to me before i caused a serious injury. I was lucky not to be excluded, but i believe a lot of the teachers, rightly or wrongly stuck up for me. He was killed a number of years later in a car accident.


    good story ted. i mean that!