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  1. ARGH!!!


    FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!


    Do they all families go off on the deep end?


    anyway, the fuck off this includes ex who take the piss out of deciding when he wants to see his kids.


    My family i can do little about, just avoid them for a while. you know, see at funerals and so forth...


    Your help,


    I know some of us have cunt ex's. I have just decided to be the BITCH OF AN EX as trying to be reasonable doesn't work when your talking to a toss pot. you may all hate me now. I am going to be the epitome of all your horrid ex's put together, the monster bitch of an ex.


    any tips on how to do this would be appreciated and repped for if they are of use to me.



    This small vent follows a phone call from my mum just now and one from my ex yesterday.


    i aint seen my mum for over 18 years. i wasnt at my dads funeral. stop moaning you fucking knob sore!!

  2. Ive missed out on things like Istanbul, Athens, holidays with friends and family. All the lads are going on a golfing holiday to Spain soon, so I'll be missing out on that. I haven't left these shores since 1985. I would like to be able to go and see my best mate in Key West Florida but don't see it happening.


    must be awful for you! have you got advice from the doctor etc?

  3. This only works if you do animal noises.


    A chicken goes into a library and says "book"

    So the librarian gives it a book.


    The next day the chicken comes back and says "book. book."

    So the librarian gives it two books.


    The next day the chicken comes back and says "book. book. book."

    The librarian gives it three books, but by now he's a bit curious, so he follows the chicken.


    The chicken goes back to the farm and goes straight to the frogpond and gives the books to a big old bullfrog who says "readit. readit. readit."


  4. I was just tucking into some serious gourmet shit type chips. I always make sure my chips are well done and crispy, and this was no exception. Anyway, as I was chewing I noticed there was these hard little pieces that were more than just crispy pieces of chip.


    I spat them out, and they appeared to be some kind of china or enamel type substance. I was pissed off, and was weighing up whether to take them back to the shop there and then. Then I felt something sticking in the side of my cheek. It was as though a bit of it was wedged into the top of my gum. But it wasn't hurting, which was strange.


    A quick poke around with my tongue revealed - to my horror - that it was nothing to do with the chips, half of my tooth had broken off. It doesn't hurt, but the whole outer casing of enamel has come off, and there's just a horrible brown stump left. The inside part of the tooth (the side facing the inside of my mouth) is fine, but the outside bit is gone.


    So I'm now shitting myself because a) I hate going the dentists, and b) I'm thinking at any time the nerve could be exposed and I'll be left in a whole world of pain.

    careful with an abcess!.. they are crying out pain!