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  1. Just along from John Aldridges pub in the town centre is a lovely placed The Lisburn, don't know what the rates are but youll definately get a room at someones house if its full. Nice people their, Redder Lurtz told me.


    so if i knock on any door in liverpool..ill get a room lol

  2. What do you all think? Have they got a point or they just attention seeking gobshites?


    Parents hit out at CCTV in Wirral school toilets

    Oct 1 2008 by Lorna Hughes, Birkenhead News



    Parents hit out at CCTV in Hilbre High School toilets


    PARENTS have hit out at a Wirral school after learning a CCTV camera had been fitted in pupils’ toilets.


    A man and woman, who asked not to be named, say they were horrified to discover their teenage son, a pupil at Hilbre High in West Kirby, had been given a detention last week for “defacing school property”.


    It later emerged he had been given the punishment for putting Blu-Tack over the lens of the camera.


    The furious couple have refused to allow the school to keep the 15-year-old at detention, and say the camera is an invasion of his privacy.


    Hilbre High says the camera – which shows the sink area and not inside toilet cubicles – was installed after suggestions from students and there have been no other complaints.


    The teenager’s mother told the News: “The school are really annoyed that we’re not backing them up but we’ve said no, this is not right. We were absolutely horrified when we found out about it.


    “My husband got in touch with them and they told us they were within their rights to do this. They said bullying happens in toilets but there must be other ways to deal with it.


    “How many other schools are doing this and the parents don’t know about it? There’s been no consultation or a letter asking our feelings about it.


    “Our son only noticed the camera when he went back to school after the summer and now he’s reluctant to use the school toilets because he feels it’s an invasion of his privacy.


    “No matter how old the pupils are, they still have human rights.”


    Earlier this year the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) set up a working group to look into the use of CCTV and produce guidelines on best practice for schools and colleges.


    Hilbre High head Jan Levenson said the cameras were installed following a survey during the last academic year of pupils’ opinions about school life.


    She added: “Some of the feedback we received led to discussions with our Student Council regarding initiatives we could implement to make improvements to our school environment.


    “One of the suggestions from the students included the installation of CCTV in areas which require greater monitoring, including the vanity areas within the students’ toilets.


    “There have not been any other complaints about the cameras, which we would like to emphasise show the sink and vanity area only, and not inside the cubicles, where we would understand there being a concern about privacy.


    “The company which installed these cameras has already undertaken this type of work in other Wirral secondary schools and we have received a great deal of positive feedback from headteachers about their effectiveness.


    “We always endeavour to work collaboratively with our pupils and their parents, and we look forward to finding an amicable solution to this situation.”


    it will weed out the young homos :yes:

  3. My mate and his Bird went to Moscow for a week and he told me this when he got back...


    My Mate: We should go down and have a look at the Lenin Mausoleum.

    Bird: What's that?

    My Mate: It's where Lenin's body is kept.

    Bird: I never knew John Lennon was buried in Russia.


    funny that! i find most women are dipsey as fuck! :wallbutt:

  4. Some woman in our place is hilariously bone idle, she's got a room to herself where she has a varying amount of work to get through, but when nobody's looking she sneaks out to the shops. Sometimes when you go in there she's reading a book or a paper or something.


    Anyway, turns out they're moving a few people over to our office, meaning that from now on she'll have to sit with a few other people - including the boss - and gues what, she's handed in her notice! To be fair like she's 61 so must have a pension coming her way, but I thought it was funny as fuck. She's basically sussed that the game is up and decided to bail.


    I actually admire that level of lazyness, because it's lazyness with a twist. We can all just stay in bed if we want and blag some sickpay, but to convince a company you're worth the money for that long while living like a student takes some pretty awesome ability. Hats off love, hats off!


    funny that!. is there a clapping smilie on here? :telloff:

  5. Looks like wor Kev is heading back to the toon holding a meeting now with Mike Ashley in London


    I had backed him to be the next manager of Newcastle but i was thinking more after a takeover by the Indian but i will take this if it happens


    no demos before the game then. im off to the bigg market in newcastle tonight. the talk will be interesting! :yes:

  6. They haven't been getting 51,000 with king kev, mate. We're the ones, however with reason enough to protest at our owners, yet we've maintained full houses for the whole time this mess has been going on.


    Football is fickle mate, the same fat geordie who threw his season ticket in the tyne, would be belly-flopping for it now if W'or Shearer was announced as the new manager on United/Chelsea Sports News.


    i agree with you.

  7. In less than 90 minutes we'll be in spider season; Christ knows why but they all seem to come out in September.


    How will you setting up your offensive? I'm going for a zero tolerance policy; if I see one it's having a flush burial - none of this keeping them alive and throwing them in the garden, you've got to send out the right message. I may even put one of their heads on a cocktail stick.


    saw a weird one today. hung from lampshade. tiny with orangey colour......my lad did come back from africa last month!

  8. Not something I'll ever understand to be honest (bit like gays - just don't "get" it - not that I've anything against them).


    Why do adults want to abuse kids? This a map showing how child porn has been downloaded 14 million times over the past 3 years:






    Scary for any of you parents living between London & Birmingham. And yet this is only the UK - imagine what it must be like in places like Cambodia and Mexico.


    Is it a genetic disorder or are they products of their environment (e.g. abused as children)?


    :santa:dont sit on his lap