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  1. I was wondering that myself. He is not a big crowd filler these days, his tickets sell for £10 each and I doubt he sells out. You're correct though, he is rubbish. He spouts filth and not even in a funny way.


    I admit I once found him funny. I was 13.


    i take it that you dont like...

    freddie starr

    jim davidson

    mike reid



  2. I am normally a 'set my watch' kind of fella. I usually take a shit around the same time everyday. This has been the case for a long time now. Well, since i can remember.

    Until... last week when i had food poisning and with it, a touch of the trotts. Since then i just cant seem to pull back my regular shit time and its doin my head in.

    Any ideas of what to eat to get a more regular and consistent stool?


    i always feel like a shit when i score a goal :drool:

  3. Found a wallet on the bus yesterday, was debating what to do but have decided to give it back intact. He seems to be some poor Brazalian sap, visa and credit cards and all in her so the poor bastard has probably near already lost his life to stress.

    Lost a wallet myself when I was stocious drunk in Long Island, NY a few years ago and some old woman went out of her way to give it back to me with not one of the couple of hundreds of dollars touched so promised myself I would do the same if a similar situation arised.


    I have to admit though, there was only about thirty euros in it, if if there had been a lot of money in it, I would have found it that much harder to give it back.


    What would you do?


    ive handed in bags, purses etc...it seems seems poor stressed out people lose these things :yes:

  4. Good idea, yay or nay?


    My stepdad has offered to sell me his car for a very very reasonable price. It's a fairly high mileage 52 plate MG ZT and he'll take £2000 for it. I know that it's been looked after and serviced properly and is immaculate, but I'm not sure about whether it's a good idea to do business with family on things like this. Anyone got any thoughts?


    £2,000 is alot to pay at the best of times.

  5. Fucking hate hoovers.


    I remember lying in bed at the age of about six after being woken up by one of the fuckers thinking, "in 20 years I bet they'll be dead quiet."


    But no, they've actually got fucking louder, and they don't work very well either. Why has hoover technology not advanced? Forget all this internet and Ipod bollocks, sort these hoovers out.


    true! i hate changing fiddly bags. they overheat. orrible things



  6. ...I remember these when I was growing up, none more so than "The Flipside of Dominick Hyde" which as I recall was shown on the evening after John Lennon was shot (I certainly remembered where I was when I heard the news).


    Basically it's the story of a time traveller from the 22nd century going back to London in 1980 and stars Peter "Spooks" Firth and the gorgeous Caroline Langrishe. She was in her early twenties then and is pushing 50 now.


    This is her back then:



    And now:




    I bought Hammer House of Horror the other week and she was in that too, looking stunning.


    loved hammer house of horrors. :yes: