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  1. I was sitting next to my lad watching cbeebies or something, anyway I let out the smelliest fart ever, whilst sitting there seemingly unaware the little fella turns and says "Daddy, I want egg on toast", I thought to myself, thats some serious father son bonding shit right there.


    made me chuckle that

  2. I was propositioned by a gayer tonight and I felt a strong sense of pride. I appeal to everyone and I'm fucking great.


    I told my gay admirer that my poop shoot was strictly one way traffic but I appreciate his complimenys. He looked like Freddie Ljungberg..


    I'm taking my sisters friend out tonight for food and sex hopefully. If she does not accept my seed I will spiderman her and let her taste my manhood.


    I'm a pin up for gayers and I feel like I'm the fucking man.


    Feel the force..


    are you a fantasy guy?