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  1. windass

    have you got spots?

    well i feel sorry for you. :tease:
  2. windass

    have you got spots?

    on your head? :monkeylaugh:
  3. windass

    have you got spots?

    ha :blah
  4. windass

    have you got spots?

    sorry to hear that.:eek:
  5. windass

    joey barton

    should Newcastle sack this piece of shit?.......too right!:biggrin:
  6. windass


    would you be happy to buy a two piece suit .(jacket £20. trousers £6.)? from Asda. tried one on. nice cut...or should you pay alot of money for one?
  7. windass


    tomr looks like steptoe in normal clothes! :biggrin:
  8. windass


    is that your suit gayer?
  9. windass


    not bad mate.
  10. windass


    reckon you could have me eh? :lol::lol:
  11. windass


    this daveu got no power in here!:biggrin::notamused:
  12. windass

    Admin are right

    was offered admin job on another forum. advice was...the older members dont like the newer ones coming on their site! ;)
  13. windass

    Admin are right

    fuck off you bloody twat. :santa:
  14. windass

    do you get on with you mum?

    i know what daveu means now. :wallbutt:
  15. :telloff:..aggressive, (6)devil, :thumbsup:happy,:sleep:...thats me!
  16. windass

    Should we invade Zimbabwe?

    its always us helping out!
  17. windass


    seems a nice guy. lets alot go. :|
  18. windass

    what are you like after a few drinks?

    shall i put a posting...what are you like before a few drinks? :drool:
  19. windass

    what are you like after a few drinks?

    it can ruin your night. mates say..not another piss!? :|
  20. windass

    what are you like after a few drinks?

    agree with the toilet thing!
  21. windass

    aerial on roof

    mine is damaged. have used virgin media for a while. know any decent aerials to buy.table top ones for bedrooms etc?
  22. windass

    Funny shaped faces

    bloody hell!!
  23. windass

    sick of africa stuff

    did you see queen.? that lead singer DOESNT fit in!