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    met anyone on here?

    i dont like responding to emails or giving them out!. forums should just be a laugh.
  3. windass

    met anyone on here?

    ian rush is my hero.
  4. windass


    careful with an abcess!.. they are crying out pain!
  5. do you use the bus or phone a taxi? :whatever:
  6. windass

    Dodgy lookalikes..

    i look a tiny bit like windass.:biggrin:
  7. windass

    Mike Leigh Films

    i dont like the new format of this!. anyway naked goes on a bit.
  8. windass

    Easy money

    i could ;)
  9. windass

    did/does god exist?

    daveu your view? :eek:
  10. windass

    Best curry in a jar

    yeah they are good
  11. windass

    Best curry in a jar

    most jar ones are crap!. go to a cheap frozen shop. any in Liverpool? anyway you can get tasty curries for only 50p!
  12. windass


    14 new shops are planned for liverpool. They want to get rid of designer shops as they feel liverpudlians have no class about them! :tease:
  13. youre making all these points.Id like to know your lifestye!. worker,student,family man what? how much do you earn? have you lived on benefits?.
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    Not very good looking are they? (6)
  15. windass

    Ha ! my wife is puking

  16. windass


    want me to come round your house at 16 windsor rd, tuebrook, liverpool. eh?:laugh:
  17. i picked on this kid in the first year. a year later he belted me in the stomach. :blah
  18. windass


    all this stuff about them being fun being is crap. You wouldnt want to drive down a wrong road in their neighbourhood.! i ma talking from experience. St pauls was/is a no go area for bristolians
  19. we all know our grandparents had it hard in their day. dripping on toast etc!. Now you have terribly well off folk,lottery winners etc out there. You didnt get that years back. This is 2008. Poor people are finding it hard believe me!Fairly dangerous levels of benefit to live on, due to rising bills etc.
  20. windass

    Convalescing in Devon

    better than liverpool!!:blah. Stayed at lodgings in tuebrook, many years ago.The landlady said she used to drown little kittens! fucking liverpudlian shitter! :sick:
  21. windass


    too many of the cunts live in st pauls, bristol. :thumbdown
  22. quadrophenia letter to brezner the others :tease: the beatles film
  23. windass

    Do you like gok

    ..that fashion guy. or do you think hes a poof? :biggrin: