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    is a place where all the guys want a fight!. its full of inbreds and chavs. ever been there? :telloff:(6)
  2. windass

    What are you doing for new years?

    :laugh:id hate to go out tonight. fights breaking out in south shields..sounds like liverpool..soz southport! ;)
  3. windass

    were losing 5-1

    :wallbutt: come on shay! fucking save them. credit to liverpool. brilliant side.
  4. windass

    were losing 5-1

    phil brown does.
  5. windass

    were losing 5-1

  6. windass

    happy xmas

    love Dean. :santa:
  7. windass


    this coffee tastes like mud yes sir, its ground fresh (6)
  8. windass

    Reasons You're a Cunt

    because liverpudians are wankers. ha ha
  9. windass

    windass says..

    if phil brown releases me one day. Ill be happy to be a sub for Liverpool ;)
  10. windass

    Roy Chubby Brown

    i take it that you dont like... freddie starr jim davidson mike reid ?
  11. windass

    Taking a Shit

    i always feel like a shit when i score a goal :drool:
  12. windass

    Roy Chubby Brown

    manning was funnier. ;)
  13. windass

    Found a wallet on the bus...

    ive handed in bags, purses etc...it seems seems poor stressed out people lose these things :yes:
  14. windass

    Buying cars from family members.

    £2,000 is alot to pay at the best of times.
  15. windass

    hair colouring

    Do you know men who dye their hair? ive started using light brown on my grey barnet ;)
  16. windass


    true! i hate changing fiddly bags. they overheat. orrible things :wallbutt:
  17. windass

    theres cockney slang..

    .what words do you use in liverpool? ;)
  18. windass

    children in need

    well done to wogan and everyone who made a big effort....i hope you liverpudians got your money out you tight bastards! :yes:
  19. windass

    theres cockney slang..

    piss off you fucking shit cunt!!!!!
  20. windass

    Britain's Tightest Man...

    good tip :yes:
  21. windass

    cockney slang

    i dont like londoners much! :wallbutt:
  22. windass

    cockney slang

    bacon and eggs..legs auntie ella ..umbrella :|
  23. windass

    Cheap Hotels - Pricline

    if i typed in liverpool.wonder what id get! :(
  24. windass

    cockney slang

    yeah,heard that one :yes: heres another.. cash and carried.married to car park..police informer lucy locket.pocket