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  1. the town you were BORN in? i wouldnt like to die in Bristol. :(
  2. after having a shit? mines about 4 i reckon.
  3. windass

    david platt

    reckon he deserved that from me last night? ;)
  4. windass

    peter barlow

    always makes me laugh! hes so selfish. ;)
  5. windass

    This Morning.

    made me chuckle that
  6. windass


    reckon that new shop in Dorchester will do well?:whistle:
  7. windass


    weak fuck :whistle:
  8. windass

    masai tribe

    my lad met them in Africa last week. The women are very short. what an experience eh!
  9. windass

    A gayer wanted my bum.

    are you a fantasy guy?
  10. windass

    do you burn your tongue?

    remember the mc donalds apple things. 500f :smile:
  11. windass

    have you ever fainted?

    ive never done that! :no
  12. windass

    Interested in time travel?

    yeah. put me in a bradford shirt again..
  13. around town? i would in another town!..and it would have to pay well. ;)
  14. windass

    would you wear a sandwich board...

    true!....the reply smiles are shit on this site!
  15. windass

    have you ever fainted?

    its nearly happened when i hadnt eaten grub. ;)
  16. windass

    would you wear a sandwich board...

    what if your mates saw you?
  17. windass

    Drinking on your own in the pub

    i do feel sorry for genuine drinkers on their own. its just having someone to stand with and crack jokes etc
  18. windass

    Drinking on your own in the pub

    hate it! you tend to drink faster eh. :|
  19. windass

    steve gerrard

    is being lined up for big brother celebrity! 2011. :laugh:
  20. every record my cilla black and paul "fucking hens bottom mouth" mccartney. ha
  21. that liverpool song..ferry across the mersey!! pile of shite.