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  1. windass


    im ganning down john lennon airport instead. :wow:
  2. windass

    david platt

    i wouldnt like to meet you ted.
  3. windass

    david platt

    yeah hes a bit creepy.
  4. windass

    If you were given the choice...

    if it meant living in liverpool. id take the money. ;)
  5. windass


    :thumbup:thanks for people who praised me! can i drown gayer first :yes: then the rest including tomR? :D
  6. windass

    Khan v Gomez

    yeah brilliant! brilliant punching by khan. reckon he could have beaten eubank?..different weight i know!
  7. windass

    got any savings?

    why do i get the impression that your fucking brainy? :yes:
  8. windass

    got any savings?

    nowt then :wallbutt:
  9. windass

    got any savings?

    you might get some more money when he dies :thumbup:
  10. women used to dance with their shoes off. plus their handbags were down by their feet. fucking scrubbers!! :no:yes::no:yes::no:yes:
  11. windass

    do you swear alot?

    im doing it all the fucking time. :laugh:
  12. windass


    starbuck people etc are pretentious. example,,leeds town centre.
  13. windass

    What a Shit Day

    your liverpool rain has arrived in newcastle! :angry:
  14. makes you cringe :thumbdown
  15. windass


    how much do your kids pay for their keep? mine pay £30 weekly each. they moan at that. I say fuck off if you dont like it!...they wont go. :lol::laugh:
  16. windass


    you sound quite streetwise. :sniff:
  17. windass

    bad jobs

    what was yours? mine was working a night shift at Cadburys. My pal drank seven pints before starting his shift,never washed his hands after going to the bog, come 6am, he said he was going home to wake his missus up for a fuck. nice bloke! :laugh:
  18. windass


    thats fair.
  19. windass


    heaton,fenham ?...you wouldnt expect Liverpool to be that dear. :smile:
  20. i agree. i think most blokes are decent on here. it does have over 18 warnings.
  21. i find it funny! sorry :lol: i still have alot of respect for women though.:whistle:
  22. windass

    Who's your favourite stand up comedian?

    not one liverpudlian comes to mind :blah. lenny henry...in his day!
  23. windass

    Off on holiday tomorrow

    windass says..have a terrible holiday. hope it piss pours with rain. he he :laugh::laugh: