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  1. the walsh

    Man City (A) 21 Nov 2015

    The scary thing is I believe 12 month's from now we will be even better
  2. the walsh

    Man City (A) 21 Nov 2015

    Cheers mate
  3. the walsh

    Man City (A) 21 Nov 2015

    Wouldn't mind watching the whole game again anywhere other than the LFC station I could watch it.
  4. the walsh

    Best phone out there right now?

    Yeah its 150 euro don't really like been tied to a contract plus I've a great deal with my pre pay plan at the moment
  5. the walsh

    Best phone out there right now?

    I'm looking at the moto g what's it like seems to get good reviews
  6. the walsh

    Summer Transfers 2014

    every time we have finished 2nd we hve been shocking the next year our transfer deals have been average to be kind lallana has no cl experience can is hardly world class lambert is a squad filler we need 3 world class players and they stillhavent arrived
  7. the walsh

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Markovic looks decent but at 25 mill it looks overinflated
  8. is it not possible to add nother tier to the kop???
  9. the walsh

    How pissed will you get if we win the league ?

    the last game of the season clashes with my daughter communion, im hoping for a scenario that if we beat the chavs and we can secure it against palace, on the monday night. a last game nail biter will be a nightmare the thought of gerrard goin up to collect the tittle gives me goosebumps i still cant belive where on the verge of it unreal.
  10. great win thought flanno was class as was saurez and sterling johnson west ham next tough enough game and then city which is shaping up to be the biggest game we will have had in the last 24 years
  11. massive game let,s win this and go top and by fuck what a last 6 game rollercoaster were in for
  12. the walsh

    Man United Vs Liverpool

    loving the reactions from the filth this is class yesssss get in
  13. rvp want,s out already that team needs to be rebuilt from scratch they play the chav,s in a few weeks i can see them being bummed there bad.
  14. ha ha there coming apart the team need,s a complete rebuild and the money is not there to do it. i hope he finishe,s 8th this year the give him a some money and he fuck,s that up let the malise carry on till next year, rooney to leave the rapist,s injury problems to continue loving it right now i have a good few manc mate,s and there cracking up like spoilt children because there not winning every week..
  15. the walsh

    January 2014 Transfer Thread

    if get top 4 aspas cissokho moses will be moved and we will upgrade with better players.