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  1. rico1304

    Corporate bellendary at work.

    My wife works for a lawyers in Manchester, as they had a good year last year everyone got an extra day added to their holiday entitlement and on Monday as it was allegedly Blue Monday all got a £10 voucher to use at Sky. It can be done well, just not very often.
  2. rico1304

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Didn’t someone say farming would be ok? The Prime Minister has just suggested that farmers in Wales wouldn’t mind a no deal Brexit. This is what NFU Cymru said in Sept: “the impact of a no-deal Brexit scenario on Welsh farming would be devastating.”
  3. rico1304

    Donald Trump

    Exactly what a Jewish lizard would say.
  4. rico1304

    Minor Addictions

    Jaffa cakes.
  5. rico1304

    Donald Trump

    I didn’t tweet anything, so not me. But the kid is going after some of the big names who’ve libelled him. To be honest if JC gets on Guantanamo Bay sounds appealing.
  6. rico1304

    Donald Trump

    It seems he’s instructed lawyers now. Some pretty high profile celebs jumped on the bandwagon (as I did) so they are top of the list. It’d be funny suing Captain America.
  7. rico1304

    Donald Trump

    The kids were there on a pro-life march, they were abused by some Hebrew sect.
  8. rico1304

    Smarmy faces made to punch

    I’d have agreed with you wholeheartedly - then I saw the full video.
  9. rico1304

    Donald Trump

    Native American? Is that wrong?
  10. rico1304

    Donald Trump

    The kids were getting shit of some religious nutters, a black kid was called a N**** and told he was going to have his organs harvested (by his white mates) and the NA guy walked quite way into the group and into the face of the insolent looking kid. You see his face at first and he’s bemused and a bit scared.
  11. rico1304

    Donald Trump

    That ‘Maga kids disrespect Native American’ thing on Twitter has been weird to watch unfold. I saw the first clip yesterday and kind of revelled in backlash on the kid. Then the today the full video comes out and it’s far from what it was originally sold.
  12. rico1304

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    (I’ve just searched my user name and ‘subs’ and there’s a page of results. Probably 8 of me in the correct context. i also did Jairz and ‘Spain’ and there’s 10 fucking pages! Granted a lot are footy related but it did make me laugh when the result popped up).
  13. rico1304

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Do you need help with your tenses? I didint lie, I said you don’t contribute. Having a lapsed membership means you did once. Now you chose not to. I agree I mention this a few times a year. Probably need a holiday to get away from the repetition. Spain maybe?