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  1. 32 minutes ago, aRdja said:

    How am I a hypocrite? I’ve never once given anyone shit for taking drugs. If anyone is a hypocrite then he is. As that’s what he was doing to me. Honestly some of the biggest fucking stretch I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I never hold other posters to higher standards than I do myself. Would love for you to be able to find an example of me claiming not to be cunt. I’m a lovely guy to be around, but I’m as big a cunt as most here. Basically just a regular bloke. His main issue it seems is that I hate his idols James O’Brien and Maajid Nawaz, two of the most detestable characters in politics.

    He’s playing the lovely guy defence. Game over. 

    Although he still doesn’t fucking get it. At least 4 people have tried to explain it. Maybe, just maybe he’s completely incapable of understanding straight forward concepts.  It’s not as if there was a precedent (there was, the Corbyn/Philips row about being stabbed in the front rather than the back). 

  2. 3 minutes ago, sir roger said:

    They'll be testing it in Salisbury before we know it.

    Remember when that happened and the general consensus was ‘hold on, why would it be the Russians?’ With a Russian poison, trying to kill a Russian spy, by Russian agents, admiring English cathedrals.  

  3. 5 hours ago, Stickman said:

    No comment.....





    Ex-Premier League worker in row after refusing to apologise for vile race rant

    EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Southampton FC steward Beryl Saunders, 67, wrote on Facebook: 'We whites ARE the superior race' and got a life ban from the club for the rant

    Was she talking about their away kit? 

  4. On 11/07/2020 at 13:49, aRdja said:

    Mate I’ve got loads of WhatsApp messages genuinely laughing at your posts on this bud. I’d turn it in if I were you. 

    Was it loads of messages from one person, or loads of different people messaging or it didn’t happen? 

  5. 5 minutes ago, A Red said:

    I'll have a stab at explaining to you too (no that doesnt mean i want to stab you either in the back or in the dark it means i'll have a go)


    You on the one hand, claim you try not to be a cunt by buying fairtrade or whatever and wont use Amazon because of the way they treat their staff, but, are happy to help fund a drugs industry that kills many people every year. Rico, who has never made such claims about being an ethical caring type of bloke, and has done drugs before, has called you out for being a bit of a silly billy. He is calling you the hypocrite, you cant call him one because he hasnt claimed to be anything other than a cunt.


    Do you see it now?

    Nail. Head. Particularly the bit about me being a cunt. The wife has just confirmed it too. 

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  6. 7 minutes ago, belarus said:

    I might be confused, but I think you’re heavily focused on the fact that you think he was criticising you just for taking drugs, which he wasn’t, he was criticising you for taking drugs while having strong views over human rights issues on another matter, while the drug trade is possibly the worst industry to support if you genuinely believe in human rights issues. Could be wrong though.

    No, you fucking nailed it. That’s exactly what I was doing. 

    Then again, it’s entirely possible this is me talking to me or a set up from out Whatsapp group.  



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  7. 27 minutes ago, aRdja said:

    Stop fucking crying, you’re 60 years old. It’s literally what happened. If you’ve dabbled with drugs in the past why the fuck do you care about other posters  having fun with illicit substances? Makes absolutely no sense. One set of rules for you and another for others? Surely not?


    Also Maajid Nawaz is a fucking slimey rat regardless of your stance on drugs. Hell, the PM you voted for loves a line or two.


    ‘And your mate smells’


    Absolute fucking moron.  I’m pretty sure you’d find a Janet and John book too hard to follow.   

  8. 12 minutes ago, aRdja said:

    Why are you pretending to have forgotten? You literally dedicated paragraphs feigning outrage over me being nostalgic about fun times back in London? Only for you to slip up and shared your own experiences with drugs a couple of pages after!

    That’s not what happened you fucking moron.  I highlighted your hypocrisy in pretending to be bothered about workers rights, using fair trade products, calling ‘centrists’ scum when you were happy to support the drug trade.  It never bothered me because I’m a consistent cunt.  As far back as I can remember, before you joined the site I’ve told stories about going to Paradise, Heaven and various other debauched nights.  I’ve had chats with Stringers, Stig, Lifey and Dr Nowt about it over the years. It was no secret,  there was no slip up.  

    You seem to continuously get the wrong end of any stick you can find.  It’s like a fucking super power. 

    Then you invented a WhatsApp group to try and...we’ll I’ve no fucking idea why you invented it but you did. People called you out not to defend me, or because they are my mates but because it was fucking juvenile 13 yr old valley girl shite. You massive cunt. 

    finally, I’ve never, ever had an avatar before. Thanks. 

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Geoff Woade said:

    ‘Ordinary people’ - good one. Ordinary would be to shrug, accept that not everyone has the same views, put them on ignore if they wish and move on. 
    The point you make about employers is a joke. It’s not as simple as that is it?

    Of course it’s going to prejudice you against hiring someone even when you don’t think they’ve done anything wrong if it risks the business being next up against the metaphorical wall for an imaginary crime. 
    If would even be different if there was actual engagement but it seems like finding middle ground isn’t an option. ‘You will comply and think like me or me and my internet friends are going to ruin your life’

    Or even moan about you in a WhatsApp group.  

  10. 37 minutes ago, aRdja said:

    Lol. You pretended to be outraged over me talking about illicit drugs, and got caught admitting that you’ve dabbled with drugs in the past. People noticed. Either you’re a liar trying to look hip by pretending that you took drugs or you were a hypocrite trying to shame people for getting high. Happy for you to bring it up as often you like, you fucking dork.

    Got caught? Are you high now?  You still don’t understand do you?  

  11. It seems that Frankie has been happy to throw the world ‘tranny’ around in the past.  Catching up with him to tonight. But he’ll no doubt escape as he’s on the ‘right’ side.

    saying women get cervical cancer - wrong

    call trans people ‘trannies’ - ok