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    British justice in action yet again

    I'm with the majority here that they went too far but also agree this bloke should have been in prison in the first place. I think we have a couple of lawyers on here and they'll be able to correct me but surely if this guy has committed 50 offences he's likely to have broken all kinds of previous court orders (as 50 completely different offences is pretty difficult to do), supervision orders, been on bail etc etc. Unless he's about 100. But then he's have crumbled to dust when they hit him.
  2. Rico1304

    British justice in action yet again

    I can honestly say that if the bloke had come into my house and I'd chased him with my cricket bat, he'd have suffered nothing more than a thick edge. And only if he'd been standing outside off, I'm shit off my legs.
  3. Rico1304

    Self-service checkouts.

    SKI when you do a 'big shop' do you always have chippy for tea? And I bet you open the fridge door when its full and have a nice warm glow...
  4. Rico1304

    South Africa vs England

    How about a tenner a Test and I get a fiver a draw because they are the home side?
  5. Rico1304

    The goal you grew up with

    That goal sums up everything I don't know about football. In my memory Macca had had a stinker that night and I was calling him to fuck as he picked it up and went past the first player. Even as he got to within 40 yards I was screaming at him to pass it and then slit his own throat. By the time he scored I was kissing the telly and telling my girlfriend how I knew he would do it and that he was the best player in the world. That's why all these Rafa in/out threads are a waste of keystrokes. It's a game of opinion that has a billion possible outcomes every minute and and none of us keyboard warriors has a fucking clue.
  6. Rico1304

    Manc - Sunday night

    42s is shut. apparently not much is open sunday nights. the village is always open (obviously you have to be gay friendly) late. Casino may be your best shout. It's pretty good, check out the website.
  7. Rico1304

    Manc - Sunday night

    I'll check on 42s and let you know, should be open every night this close to Xmas.
  8. Rico1304

    Manc - Sunday night

    Depends what you want. 42nd Street will be choc full of student types and is open til about 4. Might be worth taking your driving licence along and joining the 235 casino (Deansgate), that way you will be sure its open til early morning and you can get free drinks etc.
  9. Rico1304

    Slapper Stories

    Well we called him septic... It's all true, he's a mine of stories like that. When he was in his 20's the clap clinic in Stockport was in a hospital called St Thomas' and he was there that often he was on first name terms with the staff.
  10. Rico1304

    Slapper Stories

    A mate of mine nailed some whores in Thailand (inc a pre-op Trannie but that's another story) and on the way back his knob starting stinging. He went for a piss on the plane and it was pure puss. By the time he got back he could hardly walk and his knob was oozing constantly. He phones the clinic before he'd unpacked and managed to get a cancellation appointment that afternoon. He had all the tests and had caught; syphillis gonorrhea clamidia NSU He also had an AIDS test but that was the only thing he didn't catch. They gave him antibiotics for the does but after 2 weeks of having to wear bog-roll down his pants to catch the puss oozing out of his cock it still hadn't gone. Turns out he's got a brand new strain of gonorrhea and the only thing they could hope would shift it was a massive dose of antibiotics. The doc actually asked him if he could write up his case for a medical journal.
  11. Rico1304

    First car advice

    Get a Veyron, brand new obviously. Good residual value too.
  12. Rico1304

    Blackburn Away Match Thread

    Fucking rubbish. I think I'm with Tom, time for a change
  13. Rico1304

    Blackburn Away Match Thread

    This is dire. N'Gog unlucky with the flick but we have no craft whatsoever
  14. Rico1304

    Blackburn Away Match Thread

    Rubberducks is working for me. Cheers mate, but where is the option for it not to be shit?
  15. Rico1304

    Blackburn Away Match Thread

    Arse. Villa and Arsenal both winning
  16. Rico1304

    Blackburn Away Match Thread

    What's going on in the game????
  17. Rico1304

    Meredith Kercher Verdict due at 11

    Trevor Lynas: Well done Italy! I hope Amanda Knox dies a long and painfull death in a rat infested cell, far away from her deluded loved ones. I'd still fuck her though, but I doubt if I would ask for her consent!
  18. Rico1304

    Fucked right off..

    Here goes, a handy bit of sign-language for you; Make a circle of your left index finger and thumb. Place it to your face so that your nose goes through the hole. That my friend is sign-language for 'Fuck knows'
  19. Rico1304

    Blackburn Away Match Thread

    How easy will it be to get tickets in the home stands? They never fill the place.
  20. Rico1304

    Replacing an oven element

    Phone a man. Wince at the price. Then divide the price by the number of hours the oven will be on, realise that its cheap, then pay him.
  21. Rico1304

    Irish paedo shame

    When the Aussie government apologised for the treatment of kids by the Christian Brothers last week there was a story on the radio about a little boy that the priests in a children's home took a liking to. The priests held a competition to see who could be the first to rape him 100 times. They told him they liked his blue eyes so he used to punch himself in the eyes hoping they'd be less attractive. I was brought up Catholic and as I got older I realised it was the most corrupt, immoral organisation in the world. Treatment of the single mothers sent to their care (Magdelene Sisters), kiddy fiddling, non-repatriation of refugee Jews after WW2, threatening to withdraw aid from Bosnia if rape camp victims were offered abortions...the list goes on.
  22. Rico1304

    Barcalona Hotels Help!

    Try the Barcelo Raval, it's supposed to be amazing. A mate stayed last year and its a proper knicker dropper. If you go to the website and sign up as a memeber you get loads of offers, he got 50% of the cost of the room which is great value. it's also dead central .
  23. He won every header and positional play was good. He also looked a threat from set pieces and occupied a big defender. In short he did his job well, more than can be said for a lot of the others.
  24. Rico1304

    I don't get it.

    I went somewhere today and there were 40k of the idiots doing it.