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  1. Rico1304

    Happy New Year

    Ha - she’s fucking ace.
  2. Rico1304

    Happy New Year

  3. Rico1304

    Happy New Year

    Rick Astley was ace. As are these 3 birds.
  4. Rico1304

    Happy New Year

    I have exactly the same feelings about you all as I did 31 minutes ago. I am ambivalent about your next year.
  5. Rico1304

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Tony’s ma
  6. Rico1304

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    He’s fucking stupid. Like a politician in a comedy.
  7. Rico1304

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Seems like they view you as a mild alcoholic with an issue with body odour
  8. Rico1304

    What did you get for Christmas?

    A new Kindle tickets to the England Oz 2020 at OT a nice belt, at least for someone slimmer than me Some chairs (no plugs)
  9. Rico1304

    The Tories

    I think people believing the leader of Britain First without questioning it or wondering what his motives are is worrying.
  10. Rico1304

    The Tories

    I keep hearing this. What’s the source? Or is it just repeating what the leader of BF said without any kind of corroboration? Are there even 1000 members? How does he know?
  11. Rico1304

    The New Cricket Thread

    Won’t make any difference but that fielder seemed to be wearing a catchers mitt. Without that contraption he doesn’t catch that.
  12. Rico1304

    The world of a woman.

    Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before but my brothers ex thought that the Jaws music was the noise made by sharks when they were hunting.
  13. Rico1304

    Happy Christmas to all of you

    How on earth will they know what day it is? No one has any idea what day it is this time of year.
  14. Rico1304

    Happy Birthday Skaro

    Happy birthday
  15. Rico1304

    Happy Birthday To Me!

    Happy birthday. Not many left now.
  16. Rico1304

    Happy Christmas to about 5 of you

    I met him for lunch a couple of weeks go and he turned up in a Sherman tank.
  17. Rico1304

    Happy Christmas to about 5 of you

    I’m a LD cunt now!
  18. Rico1304

    Alien Invasion

    Old readers will know this story but about 15 years ago I was on the M6 stuck in a traffic jam on a Sunday. It was that bad people had got out of their cars to relieve the boredom. I flicked the radio over to R4 and the newsreader told me aliens had landed near the midlands and the country had ground to a halt. For about 5 mins I was convinced it was real until it clicked it was a modern day interpretation of War of the Worlds. I was so close to telling people walking past my car what was happening. Thank fuck I didn’t.
  19. Rico1304

    Alternative Christmas Dinner

    I did a rib of beef for tea tonight. Loads left for tea tomorrow. I shall be fat for NY.
  20. Rico1304

    Star Wars

    This is nice.
  21. Rico1304

    Happy Christmas to about 5 of you

    Moof and NV and it’s only not six since Dennis got sent back to prison.
  22. Rico1304

    Happy Christmas to about 5 of you

    You look a bit out of focus.
  23. Rico1304

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I met him in the 80’s when he was a photographer in Chester. I was bored out of my mind whilst my Aunty chose some pictures and he told me the story of his hat trick in the FA Cup.