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  1. Flanagan isn't playing for anyone hard to know if he has gone backwards or not.


    I have seen him a couple of times for the reserves and he looked good going forward but rash in the tackle... the only other time I saw him this season was in the first team on the opening day of the season, where he was at fault for the goal conceeded.


    I hope Flanagan, Shelvey - maybe even Kelly play in the Nextgen game. Is Robinson training yet? would be good to have him as well.


    I think Kelly might be too old, seem to remember checking a few months back

  2. They do bring good players through. Ours has been last for years now and we've had to chuck money at it just to try and catch up.


    Out of the two teams today Blackburn had two players who played well against us and United the other week in the first team (Bunn and Henley) and a £1m signing in Jordan Slew who got Sheffield United to the Youth Cup final last season.


    So their team had more pedigree than ours. Sterling cost a bit, but that's it. None of our team have any first-team experience between them either other than the odd game Eccleston played last season actaully. The difference is they dropped back the likes of Henley to the reserves whereas our younger players on the fringes of the first team don't get dropped back.


    Didn't realise some of them had played for first team as well, just checked, Henley has 5 appearances in the first team including 3 starts, and 3 others who have a sub appearance each. Only Eccleston from our side today has got anywhere close to to the first team

  3. I didn't see the game, but we've got to remember that most of these are kids just out of the Academy, and will be in the 18 to 19 category so still very young, the others who are a little older I would say are there to make up the numbers so we can get a team out, eg Mendy, Roberts, even Eccleston, and don't have a future with us, and I agree are pretty shite. But I would think it is pretty hard to have every position filled at all age groups with lads that have a good chance to make it here. The ones in their positions that do have a future with us are either with the first team squad already (eg Flanno, Shelvey) or are with the under 18s as they are still in the 17 to 18 category.


    I remember seeing the reserves playing Blackburn earlier in the season and there are some massive units in that Blackburn team, so I checked out their ages and some of them are 21, 22 and even 23, thats quite a big difference in strength, fitness and experience compared to most of our lads.


    So yes, the shit ones do bring down the good ones, but it should still be good experience for those with a chance. And as said by someone else, I would expect a big improvement next season, in both the reserves and the academy.

  4. What is so 'grown up' about using the 'n' word? It's not right to use it. I don't really give a damn if black people use it. It doesn't make it right, it doesn't make it cool, it doesn't make it socially acceptable. Regardless whether it's used in popular culture.


    Why are you even using the 'n' word anyway? Dropping the N Bomb?


    It's mental I don't see why people have got to use the word to make the point. It is an offensive word to many people so lets just pack it in eh?


    This is like the wizards in Harry Potter not saying Voldemort!


    It is just a word of the English language. The word has racial conotations due to the way it was used in the past as a pejorative, and if it is used in that way then it is of course racist. However, it is still just a word, and in a discussion about racism, and whether a foregin term should be deemed to be racist, especially when the comprable word in English is nigger, then of course there is no problem in saying it as it is not being used perojatively, but is being used in a discussion about language itself. It is all about context.


    Have you ever used a derogatory word about women when with your mates? If so, its probably an offensive word to 50% of the population, don't you think you should pack in?

  5. In some ways, I don't think the reality/faux reality type shows should be included. They make no pretences to be 'good' TV. You know they are shite, they know they are shite, and you should know exactly what you are gonna get.


    This is Jinsey is a good shout. Big fan of surreal comedy like The League of Gentlemen, and was hoping for something like that, but there just wasn't anything funny about it. It was like very bad impressions of Reeves and Mortimer doing bad impressions.


    However, I saw about 5 minutes of Mrs Browns Boys I think its called on the BBC and it was absolutely dire. Thought I had been transported back to the 1970s. Someone please tell me there has been a better Irish comedy series than this since Father Ted!

  6. Haha, found this thread by going via my posts as I knew I had posted on it and couldn't be bothered using the search function so didn't see the other thread as I'd only been on the MF this evening.


    Thought it was strange that no one had already posted!

  7. I've noticed in a few reports of this story that they keep showing a picture of Terry during the incedent with his hand over his mouth a bit like what you might do if you have sworn in front of a child




    I reckon the papers will have a few photos like this and will be able to look at them in order, and they have a feeling that is his reaction when he realises he has said something he shouldn't have. They keep showing these photos without referencing the hand over his mouth, but would not be surprised if they are setting up a story along those lines, perhaps waiting for a guilty verdict. A bit like when they started to run stories almost daily on Giggs being a famliy man, subconsiously setting it up in peoples minds, before it was made public that he was the one with the injunction (but after the twitter leaks).

  8. The real Sam Allardyce now has a weekly column in the Evening Standard, and I can't help but read it in the style of Big Sam. I think I saw Big Sam tweet about it as well.


    This was from a week or 2 ago and is the type of thing that I can just see Big Sam using to set up a punchline tweet

    The day after the Ipswich game, I had a bite to eat with the wife down at Canary Wharf, enjoyed the beautiful weather for a bit and then went to the Shaftesbury Theatre in the West End to watch Rock Of Ages. I enjoyed it immensely and it was good therapy.


    Perhaps following up with something along the lines of getting him in the mood for burying his shaft up the wife's avenue whilst listening to one of the shit 80s bands he always mentions.


    And this one was perfect for a mention of Rooney


    I had Benni McCarthy at Blackburn and his demise began when his wife and kids packed up and went back to Spain. Suddenly he was a single man again, living in a flat in south Manchester with all the trappings that brings.

  9. Kenny agrees


    Kenny: We'll reap loan benefits - Liverpool FC


    Kenny Dalglish has explained why he believes Liverpool will reap the long-term benefits of utilising the loan system following Jonjo Shelvey's move to Blackpool.


    The 19-year-old moved to the Championship side last week, signing a temporary deal until December 31.


    Shelvey wasted little time in making an impact after he scored with a sensational free-kick on his debut in a 5-0 victory over Bristol City on Saturday - and Dalglish believes the loan can play a fundamental role in the midfielder's development.


    The boss told Liverpoolfc.tv: "It's helpful to everybody. Jonjo's a very promising player for us, but the difficulty for us is to get him a game.


    "He needs games and it's a fantastic opportunity for Jonjo to do that. Blackpool have got a good quality player and it's educational for us because we'll get to see him play.


    "It'll also be educational for Jonjo because he's playing at a good level with a good club - and another real bonus for him is he doesn't have to move house.


    "It is important for us to use as many opportunities as we can to develop the players - if we can't give them games here, then we've got to look to get them playing somewhere else.


    "For Jonjo it's a chance for us to see him, and for him to develop and push harder for a first-team spot here.


    "We've put him out because we want him educated and to see him develop, not because we want to see him go. It's purely progress for him.


    "The loan system has got various options to it that you can use it for. In Jonjo's case, it is purely for his development and benefit, and also for our benefit."


    Shelvey's switch to Blackpool meant he became the seventh Liverpool player currently out on loan, joining Alberto Aquilani (AC Milan), Joe Cole (Lille), Dani Pacheco (Atletico Madrid), Peter Gulacsi (Hull), Stephen Darby (Rochdale) and David Amoo (Bury).


    Dalglish has revealed Liverpool keep a watchful eye on their players lent to other teams and believes each of the deals provide a range of benefits for both player and club alike.


    "They're not forgotten - we know what's going on," explained the Scot. "We get a summary of what games they've played in, what they've done, how they've done and how the club they're with are feeling about it.


    "We keep monitoring them so we know where we're going. In some instances, for Alberto, it's an opportunity for him to go back home and if he does well then they'll purchase him.


    "For Joe Cole, it was a fantastic opportunity for him to go and play Champions League football and also in France, which is a league that I think will suit wee Joe down to the ground and he's done really well since he's gone there.


    "There are a lot of benefits for Peter Gulacsi. It's useful for him as he's not in the team at the moment, but when he gets back in he'll play games at a higher level than what we can give him.


    "There are benefits for everybody, but the most important thing is it is helpful for the players and if they can't get a game here, then if it's possible we'll put them out on loan if it suits."

  10. A players individual performances are the only thing to suggest if he has improved or not.


    But you have nothing to go on with these young kids going on loan, because you would not have seen them playing before the loan to know what their standards were. How much had you, or any of us, seen of Walker, Cleverly, Bannan or Coleman etc before their loans to the Championship? I reckon not a lot if at all, so how can you say that they didn't improve?


    What we do know is that they weren't playing regularly in the Prem before their loans, but following their loans they were, and to a decent standard, no doubt helped by their experience gained the season before, and that is the best evidence we have. The fact that it may not have been with their parent club is not the point, because their next loan was another step in their development, and their performances during their time in the Championship would have helped secure their loans in the Prem. Do you think Ferguson would send Cleverly to Watford if it wasn't going to not only improve the player, but be of benefit to Utd as well?


    Perhaps after this loan if he plays well enough, a Prem team will be prepared to take a punt on Shelvey to take him on another loan, but that is unlikely to happen until they have seen him playing competitive football. Do you think it is easy to find a team in the Prem to loan a player to where they are going to get the games to make it worthwhile? How many young players have had loans to a Prem side where they have had a decent number of games without being loaned to a lower league before hand? Off the top of my head I can think of Sturridge who was already 21 and had 30-40 Prem games under his belt and Wilshere who has been regarded for a number of years now as Englands most promising young player. So which teams in the Prem do we realistically think would be prepared to take a risk on Shelvey on loan where he will get a decent amount of playing time?


    Training with better players does not fully prepare young players for competitive football. The extra effort and intensity that is put in by all involved, having a phsical battle with someone bigger and stronger than them, the split second decision making under pressure, the pressure of playing in front of big crowds, the knowledge of what is required to play 90 minutes of high pressure football week in week out, knowing when to pass and what pass to make in a match situation. Things like that and the confidence they can bring are learnt through match experience. Also, people learn from their mistakes, and younger players are more likely to make mistakes, so at least the mistakes they are learning from are not in the spotlight and the pressure of the Premier League, and where their mistakes are less likely to be punished.


    And one final thing, even if he does not make it here and we decide to sell, he is at least getting in the shop window and we are likely to be able to get a higher transfer fee for him than we would if he had not been out on loan.

  11. How anyone can even suggest I`ve been wrong in this thread is a bit strange to say the least.




    I'll take the bait.


    Well you state that "He will not improve much in the Championship if anything at all.", your proof being that "How many players have really improved after a loan spell in the Championship?"


    A number of people have mentioned a number of players that have been loaned to the Championship, and have improved becasue of it. The fact the some of those have since been loaned to the Premiership does not discredit that arguement, it infact strengthens it, as in all likelihood they were able to get the loans to the Prem following their succesful loan in the Championship.


    So its quite clear how a number of us have had the teremity to suggest you are wrong.


    Then there is also


    When it comes to his development as a player I doubt it will make him any good as he will be pretty average and not stand out in any game


    Seeing that he has played one game, and stood out in it, regardless of whether the loan improves him or not, you're wrong on the bolded part already. That's a bit like getting bowled out first ball.

  12. I lost interest about halfway through. I must be getting old because all the OTT sex puut me off a bit. The Fed agent character is far too OTT as well.


    I wouldn't say the sex put me off, but it was completely unnecessary and just did not fit in with the story line or the type of programme it is.


    I'm waiting for Omar to play a bigger role as well (he will always be Omar to me, a man gotta have code)

  13. Anyone live there? What's it like I'm looking at moving to there. Is it cheap area like rental wise. Reason I ask is my mate is possibly going to be working at the Grovener he's said there's loads of places near there he's asked me if I wanna go halves on a place. I've said ill have a look I still have the choice of Scotland but my mate who is going to Chester has said hell pay the deposit. And I can pay him back in bits. I've never been but heard nothing but nice things about it.


    Don't come to the GF very often, but what happened with the pub job you was putting a menu together for?

  14. Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. I would say that he is the most terrible, and terrifying killing machine in film history, William Mundy would get a cattle gun in the head.


    Jack Nicholson in most things, particularly as Jack in The Shining


    Al Pacino as Tony Montana in Scarface


    Pesci in Goodfellas


    Brando in Apoclypse Now


    Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper in that scene in True Romance were superb.


    Can Hal in A Space Odessey count?

  15. A mate got a cheap deal for 5-a-side footy with Power League recently


    Last week I got a boiler service for £39


    I'm in London


    Another mate in Derby got a Zorbing experience type thing.


    Just got 10 day passes for LA Fitness for £18. Bargain.


    What about something like British Military Fitness?


    Family days out is defo a good idea, something like Alton Towers family ticket. Now that school has started again they will be a bit quieter and possibly more open to the idea.