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  1. 10 minutes ago, Remmie said:

    Yeah MK is in Buckinghamshire, but never seen anywhere do onion vinegar in the UK. If its starting to catch on I'm getting a semi

    Its not something I have looked for in every chippy I go to, but onion vinegar has been an option for as long as I can remember. It is just the vinegar used in the pickled onion jar, you may have to ask for it, but  I reckon it is often the main option.

  2. On 11/03/2019 at 13:00, an tha said:

    This Ajax team is going to get picked apart by all the money clubs isn't it.


    If they get €130m+ or whatever for de Jong and de Ligt, they can probably get away with saying to no to any other transfers, but with that cash, they could potentially become the Bayern/Juve of their league and buy all the best players from their rivals, and then dominate their league and perhaps become an even better team. And its not like we are talking about a great Ajax team being broken up, they haven't won their league in the past 4 seasons.


    That is some serious cash for them to play with, so would depend on how well they spend it.

  3. 3 hours ago, moof said:

    We have an extremely strong centre half corps, all of them are very good players


    Agreed, I think its a case of, apart from Big Virj, none of them walk back into the team after being out, whoever has the place holds their place until injury or a bad run of form. I probably prefer the other 2 over Matip, but no way he deserves to be dropped on current form. And it means the 2 who miss out work even harder to try to get their place back.

  4. 3 hours ago, Hank Moody said:

    I've been interested in these little fuckers for a while, but I'm skeptical. I agree that frozen chips need doing for double the time, steak cut ones are probably the easiest to make nice, but I haven't purchased chips in over a year. If I bother, I get them from a chippy. These air frying jobbies, they're good?


    My one works really well, chips area bit like like an armadillo, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside...


    Takes about the same amount of time as doing in the oven (when you include doubling the time), and taste much nicer. Making chips from scratch (no need to boil the potatoes) its about 35-45 minutes, and uses only a little bit of oil, so not too unhealthy.


    It also advertises itself as being able to do all sorts of food. I only attempted this once, doing some chicken with various veg, and it worked pretty good too.


    If doing chips you can get away with wiping it with kitchen paper to clean it, which is nice and easy.


    One issue is it is very loud.


    My one is big though (have an XL version), you probably don't want to keep in on the worktop unless you are using it every day, so need space to store it. I do go through stages of not using it, but unlike some kitchen gadgets, its not hidden away for ever and in fact have used it 3 or 4 times this couple of weeks as the wife has been ill in bed so wanted to do hassle free cooking

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  5. On 12/03/2019 at 22:43, TK421 said:

    It's your funeral.  When you're munching on undercooked crinkle cut McCains I'll be on my fourth portion of wonderful, wonderful fries. 

    I got really pissed off with cooking frozen chips in the oven for double the suggested cook time, and them still being undercooked on the inside that I bought one of these bad boys






    Perfect chips every time, whether cooked from frozen or prepared from potatoes yourself at home

  6. Username - uses part of my surname, and adding "The" and "ster" makes it sound really fucking cool


    Avatar - A woolster makes or trades in wool I believe, so have used some balls of wool. It is not my preferred avatar, I use a different one for other social media sites (all use the same name), but I couldn't get that one to load on this site. Might work now on the forum, may update it if I can be arsed to try.