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  1. 38 minutes ago, moof said:

    Nah, I’m cool. 

    If you are really cool with it after being told that it could cause offence, then I am actually fucking offended by it.


    Proximity to blackness is a term used to describe when white people are associated with or are integrated with black people/communities, so lets this clear when I say that being mixed race does not mean that I, or any other mixed race person, have a proximity to blackness, thanks.


  2. 9 minutes ago, moof said:


    I think calling things that are clearly racist, like a picture comparing a baby of African heritage to a chimp (the first baby with any kind of proximity to blackness in the history of the monarchy, no less), racist is good in the fight against racism. 


    If something has different possible meanings, then it is not clearly anything.


    By the way, and I'm fine with it, because I don't think their is any intent, but some people of mixed heritage might take offence to being told they have proximity to blackness, they may consider it to be a little bit, well, racist... I'd probably try to refrain from using it in the future.



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  3. 4 minutes ago, moof said:

    You can be ignorant, not virulently racist, and still post a racist picture on twitter. I never said Danny Baker hates black people or sees himself as superior, but he posted a racist picture. Whether or not his intention was to ridicule someone based on race, that was the effect.  


    The picture in and of itself is not actually racist, is it? People have ascribed the meaning/intent to the picture, and if both parents were white, you would not say it was a racist picture.


    It is clear that Baker is not ignorant of the possible connotations of picture, so the question is whether you believe him when he says it had not occurred to him, in which case it was not racist but he did make a mistake, or you don't believe him, in which case it is clearly a form of casual racism. Both are possible.


    I guess you disagree with my view that calling everything that could potentially be racist as actually being racist might actually be damaging the fight against racism?





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  4. 40 minutes ago, moof said:

    Obviously, the trope of “black person is an ape” plays in to centuries old ideas of eugenics and race thinking, so any comparison is just plain wrong. It’s structural, often unconscious. Intent is really quite irrelevant 


    I did not see my dad as an ape, he just looked like one... some white people look like apes, like Gareth Bale. The vast majority of black people do not look like apes.


    Jokes aside though, if it is structural and unconscious, then intent is absolutely relevant! It signifies the difference between someone who is ignorant, perhaps through circumstance, and someone who is an actual racist.

  5. On 21/05/2018 at 09:25, The Woolster said:


    I watched an Ajax game a few months back when nothing else was on and thought I'd see what de Jong was like after hearing a lot of good stuff about him. The stand out player was someone I hadn't heard of and it was de Ligt, and then I found out he was only 18...


    I'd buy him and agree to a 2 year loan back to Ajax.


    Same with de Jong to be honest...

    We so should have done this...


    To be honest, we probably still could with de Ligt, at least for a year. He'd get another year's experience playing week in week out, which he might not get here, he'll be a better player, Ajax would get to keep him for another year, Lovren would be down to last year of his contract and we'll probably be looking to move him on, everyone's happy.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, SasaS said:

    I think if it was deliberately racist the media attention would be appropriate because that would have been a really vile thing to do (associating a newborn baby with a mixed race bakground with a monkey) and he is still relatively well known.  


    Yes, actual racism needs to be called out.


    To help fight racism, I think we actually need racists to be more overtly racist so that those with ignorance may see it for what it is, although there would be some short term pain with that. But its another reason why we the approach of being outraged may do more harm, in my opinion it would be far better to question, attempt to understand, and discuss.

  7. 5 hours ago, mars said:

    And isn't it a positive that lots of people were offended? Suggests to me that today more people have a better awareness of what might offend others. 



    Kind of covered this point in my other post, on the face of it, it does seem positive, but if that offence turn to outrage, then it potentially does more damage than good.



  8. 6 hours ago, moof said:

    Sorry, but comparing a black person to a chimpanzee will always be racist 


    I am mixed race, my dad was black (light skinned), he was wrinkly and usually very grumpy, for his birthday once when I was in my teens I got him a card with a picture of a grumpy looking gorilla. Was that (I) racist?


  9. 6 hours ago, moof said:

    It’s racist. It stands alone as being racist, you don’t need to contextualise it with all of his views for the last 40 years. Portraying the first mixed race royal baby as a chimp? Yeah, fuck right off with that one 


    Something is only racist if it is meant in a racist way. In my experience, the majority of 'racist' comments are due to ignorance rather than racism, otherwise it is people of a certain age where their long term memory has overpowered their short term memory (Amber Rudd callinf Dianna Abbot coloured comes to mind), or people just not thinking or putting 2 and 2 together, which is possible in this case, but I don't enough about him to say. The vast minority are actually racist.


    I think it is very unfortunate that the conversation about what racism is has generally been reduced to the lowest common denominator, which in my view has been driven by mainly white, middle class people who abhor racism, without thinking about the bigger picture because it doesn't affect them. Many people are now too scared to talk about racism in case they say something that might cause offence and get labelled a racist. As I said, in most cases I think it is ignorance, but if conversations are not being had it means the people with ignorant views could be missing out on the chance learn why their views are wrong.


    And with racism being reduced to the lowest common denominator, it draws the discussion away fro the real issues of racism. The irony that he has been sacked by an entity that is quite possibly institutionally racist has not been lost on me.   

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  10. 27 minutes ago, The Guest said:

    They’ve got Ferguson and Bobby Charlton who clearly have done that.  They advised on Moyes when a load of other football people were advising on Mourinho.  They managed to sandwich butthead inbetween the two.  The txiki guy is another one who City were clearly advised by Guardiola to hire in advance of him going there.  He’s not above Guardiola either.


    Err, Txiki Begiristain was hired by City in 2012. Guardiola joined Bayern in 2013 and was there for 3 seasons, at what point did he advise City to hire him?


    I think Bgiristain is Director of Football of the entire City Football Group, he is most definitely above Guardiola.

  11. 45 minutes ago, The Guest said:

    The DOF thing is a red herring.  It doesn’t work in English football.  The fella picking the team needs to be the one with the final decision on whether a player joins or not.  If the manager has that ability then what’s the point in a DOF.  If the manager doesn’t have that say then why isn’t the DOF picking the team.  If the manager fails how do you know it was the managers fault if he’s had players forced on him.


    It’s the most non-footballing person idea in football which is ironic really because loads of mong fans think that it’s taking decisions away from non footballing people like that divvy they’ve got in charge at Old Trafford.  It’s something clubs introduce to try to mitigate the possibility of a manager failing.  They think that having some all seeing genius overseer above the manager will stop them signing players that don’t fit a style they’re going for or blowing massive money on short term signings.  It’s fucking daft because if he was that much of a genius he’d be a manager himself and if he overruled signings or forced different players on the manager then how do you know who is the one failing when things go wrong?


    The answer to United’s problems a while ago was don’t hire has been managers who will happily bankrupt your club to win a league cup.  The problem they have now is that years after winning the league they no longer have the patience to see out a half decent young manager who can navigate them to getting closer to us and city and that’s the only way they’ll do it and also it’s the only thing theyll achieve.  They won’t see it like that obviously and it’s why it’s going to be an even bigger car crash than people imagine.


    No, the view that a DoF, if they are a proper DoF, has the final decision in transfers or that its only transfers that they are involved in is the red herring. They should be covering everything football related, 1st team, academy, medical, sport science, scouting, maybe even the women's team.


    Some 'DoFs' may have a different job titles, and some with the DoF job title might not really be a 'DoF' if all they are doing is sorting out transfers. But there have been some successful ones in England already. You could even argue that the most successful was Alex Ferguson.

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  12. http://global.espn.com/football/club/manchester-united/360/blog/post/3832011/man-united-rebuild-must-follow-in-footsteps-of-hated-rivals-liverpool


    Them trying to replicate what we have done is great news if you ask me, because I don't think they will be able to do it successfully whilst the Glazers/Woodward are in charge. Their only hope would be to get a really top quality DoF and completely delegate all football decisions to him.


    And it comes with the added bonus of being patient with Solskjaer and giving him at least 3 years!