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  1. Putting everyone's list together (finally!)


    Late entries always welcome, only 1 person has scored so far, so big disadvantage!


    There following entered last year but not this, if you resubmit, any that you have rolled over from last year will still get the points if they die within the week. This includes @Fowlers God , who has asked me who he had on his last entry in 2019!


    @Evelyn Tentions

    @alles ist gut

    @Bruce Spanner

    @Atticus Finch


    And if I've got the name change correct, @Captain Willard



  2. Haven't had a chance to go through anyone's list yet, work is busy and the wife has had covid for the last week and isolating, so I've had to do every bloody school run, shop run, lunch, dinner, evening kids club etc...


    But here's my list


    Shannen Doherty
    Nigel Starmer-Smith
    Jimmy Carter
    Rosalynn Carter
    Linda Nolan
    Tom Parker
    Jerry Lee Lewis
    Bill Treacher
    June Brown

  3. If you haven’t played before please get involved. Rules listed below.


    1. Each contestant much pick 10 celebrities who they think will die between 00:01, 24th January 2022 and 23:59 31st December 2022. Lists are final as of the starting time.


    I will accept late entries, perhaps someone finds this thread half way through the year and would like to enter, however if someone dies within 1 week you won't get the points for it.


    2. When the death has been confirmed, points will be awarded, and the people who had them chosen may choose a new celebrity for their list.


    3. A celebrity is defined as a person who lives their life in the public domain. If we have not heard of them, then we can reject them. A good rule of thumb is if they have a Wikipedia page that you didn't just make.


    4. Death row prisoners and people in public 'right to die' cases are not permitted.


    5. Your picks can be any age at all. No minimum or maximum for the categories, but points will be awarded like this:

    50+ - 10 points

    35-49 - 20 points

    Under 35 - 30 points


    6. You will get fewer points if it is one of your replacements which dies. This is because the new pick may be based on more recent news, so is not 'as skilled' as an original pick. 

    50+ - 9 points

    35-49 - 15 points

    Under 35 - 20 points



    Please PM me your lists, and I will begin the spreadsheet. Even if you want your list carried over from last year, please PM me to let me know so that I can 1. confirm your list, and 2. keep track in one place who has entered. This also stops people copying your lists. Once the game begins, I will post the lists here. When you're sending your lists in, please put in the categories of your entrants in order like this...


    1. John 50+

    2. Mike 50+

    3. Steve 50+

    4. Sam 50+

    5. Arnold 50+

    6. Peter 50+

    7. David 35-49

    8. Liam 35-49

    9. Tom U35

    10. Paul U35


    Please don't use nicknames!


    I will not open the PM until my list is posted. 


    Good luck everyone!



    @littletedwest obviously!


    Congrats mate, and a cracking score too, I think my top score was 90, so you've beat that, and I don't know if anyone has had 8 deaths before either. I am glad to pass over the title of the forum's grim reaper, it has been a heavy burden for the past 5 years!


    littletedwest - 94 points

    Rush Limburgh

    Prince Philip 

    Leon Spinks

    Jimmy Greaves

    Dustin Diamond

    Capt Tom Moore


    Sarah Harding


    Evelyn Intentions - 49 points

    Desmond Tutu

    Prince Philip

    Hal Holbrook

    Christopher Plummer

    Betty White


    Strontium Dog, Bjornebye and Redheart all on 39 points

    All with Prince Philip, Cap Tom Moore and DMX.

    Stronts had Rush Limbaugh

    Stig had Murray Walker

    Redheart made a late charge on to the podium with Betty White



    The Rest

    The Woolster, Atticus Finch & No2 - 29 points

    Vladimirllyich, Red_or_Dead & Gruntfuttock - 20 points

    Bruce Spanner - 19 points

    Alles ist Gut, Harry's Lad, Tokyo Joe & Colonel Kurtz (RIP) - 10 points

    Jairzinho - Nil points


    Overall, pretty good scoring, usually there is a fair few more with zero deaths.


    I'll get this year's one up and running in the next few days!




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  5. On 02/02/2021 at 07:20, Special K said:

    Hal Holbrook has died. 95 years old


    On 02/02/2021 at 12:28, Evelyn Tentions said:

    I'll replace Hal Holbrook with Bobby Charlton.


    Ok, this could be controversial...


    According to Wiki, Hal Holbrook actually died on 23rd January, and the competition started from 1st February, however, his death was not announced by his family until 2nd February. Unless Evelyn admits otherwise, I presume he did not have inside info on this, so I am going to give him the points!


    This does however change the leaderboard...

  6. Just watched it and avoided the result.


    Porter is one of my favourite fighters in recent times, love his heart, love the interactions in the corner with his dad, and he seems like the most decent, respectful man in boxing. He's really really good fighter, just not quite great.


    I had it 3-3 after 6, but had Crawford winning the next 3. Stopped early, but don't think there was any chance of him winning after the 2 knockdowns, don't think not helped that he got so angry after the 2nd one.

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  7. On 12/04/2021 at 20:12, redheart said:

    So any update on the scores on the mortuary doors?

    Err, soz, seems like I've not been on the thread since April... not getting on the site much since I've been WFH!


    Don't know if anyone has taken it upon themselves to add it up, if not, I will try to find the time soon(ish)

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