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    Catch - is that you?

    Found this website which gives a rough idea of transfer spending in Italy, but if you look at the overview section you will see it does not have details for all players Transferbilanz - Football - transfermarkt.co.uk
  2. The Woolster

    Defending corners

    Only saw the highlights from last nights match, but noticed Insua I think it was on the back post defending a couple of corners. Did this also happen Vs Blackburn? Has Rafa changed things or is it just because Insua is a short arse so not worth having him mark someone?
  3. The Woolster

    Defending corners

    Who said it would it be a Keeper's call? Dunno about anyone else, but I haven't noticed anyone defending on a goal post for a while, so wondered if Rafa is trying to address the goals scored from set pieces problems that we've had. Personally I think it is good for one or 2 on the goal line for inswingers, but out swingers you can see how it is meant to work with that goal that was dissalowed against Everton, everyone stepped up, leaving the attacker in front of the keeper and interfering with play whether they get a touch or not.
  4. The Woolster

    Rafa explains Keane and Barry debacle

    Or perhaps he is hoping to come across as more open, as one of the complaints from the press about him is that he is cold and hasn't tried to build a relationship with them. He could just as easily have said he would answer anything, especially as the questions are coming from a red who works for a paper that I would say is pro Rafa. In his interview with Tomkins, Tomkins I think mentions how surprised he was with how open Rafa was to answer anything, perhaps its just more of the same.
  5. The Woolster

    Rafa explains Keane and Barry debacle

    Was just about to say the same, have seen so many posts asking why he is speaking about it now, but he is being interviewed, therefore he is answering questions, how can so many not see this? If he avoided answering the question, wouldn't he have just looked worse?
  6. The Woolster

    Rafa Exclusive in The Times

    I agree that Catch goes on far too much about the wages issue, however it does not mean he is necessarily wrong. Although I have not read it, I think he is getting his 90% from the recent book "Why England lose" which used stats to look at a lot of issues in football, and the emprical evidence of plotting end of season positions compared to wage bill suggests that wages account for 90% of where a team finishes. But it is quite an abstract way of looking at things, which is why it does seem wrong, but the evidence is there to support it. I find the Fink Tank in The Times quite interesting and their Manager of the Year analysis sums it up quite well how to look at expectations compared to wages. Although unfortunately last season they gave it to Slur Alex. Sir Alex Ferguson is Fink Tank manager of the year | The Fink Tank - Times Online
  7. The Woolster

    Is Rafa capable of winning the Premier League?

    I think he is changing, perhaps becoming more confident, and is now always looking for the ball and giving the player on the ball an option of an easy pass. I watched the Fulham game last night as I didn't get to watch it first time round, and I think watching a game when you know the result means you can look at things a bit differently as you don't have the tension of a live game, and all the way through he was giving options like Alonso used to do. Of course when he got it he wasn't quite Alonso like. Thought the same during the Lyon game too.
  8. The Woolster

    Is Rafa capable of winning the Premier League?

    I think Lucas has been captain of Brazil at junior levels as well, so that is 6
  9. The Woolster


    I can see it now Have it your way, you got it! @ Burger King: The Whopper Stadium - Anfield Instead of a hotdog or pie at half time, it will be a Chicken Royale meal
  10. The Woolster

    Insua, Ability & Experience

    You can teach/coach someone to be faster than they already are though, and surely part of learning how to defend better would also inlcude how to defend against pace through better positioning and reading of the game.
  11. The Woolster

    LFC v Manc Cunts special edition caption competition

    For the one with Torres and Vidic Vidic: Why don't you just bum me now and get it over with
  12. The Woolster

    LFC v Manc Cunts special edition caption competition

    Haven't made 15 posts yet to include the photo, but for the one of Ngog and Evra Ngog misunderstood Rafa when he told him before coming on that if he scored it would be one in the eye for those Manc cunts
  13. The Woolster

    A song for Benayoun

    To the tune of Let it Be When we find ourselves in times of trouble On the wing we want to see, Skipping past the tackles, Yossi And in our hour of darkness He’ll create something with his mastery Skipping past the tackles, Yossi Benayoun, Benayou, Benayoun, Benayoun Skipping past the tackels, Benayoun
  14. The Woolster

    Saudi Investor buy 25% liverpool stock

    Citigroup are in the shit, and much like RBS/Lloyds over here, have been bailed out by the government, so it is not them who will be making any investment. The guy mentioned is Citigroups largest individual shareholder though I think.
  15. The Woolster

    Michael Henderson is a fucking shitbag.

    This guy is on the Times Podcast this week, comes across as the type who likes to use long words to prove how intelligent he is. Has got Tony Evans I think having a go back at him though. Also discuss if Torres is the best striker in the world, and how the midfielder may play when Aquilani regains fitness, so worth a listen.
  16. The Woolster


    Not seen this mentioned anywhere else, but don't think it needed its own thread so this one seemed appropriate as they both only got a warning, but how can Neville only get off with only a warning for his celbrations to the City fans when he has previous? Surely if you do something which you have already been fined and warned about, then if you do it again the least you should get is a bigger fine!
  17. The Woolster

    Crooks; what a penis.

    Aye, here's what he said about Johnson last week. Starts off saying he is not a great defender, but then goes on to talk about Italy and Brazil winning the World cup with Defences that are sound but not great, bearing in mind that Brazil had 2 of the most attacking full backs of the last decade or 2. Think he has been coming on here and reading Code72s posts! Perhaps the fact that Bright agrees with him can be used to prove that Code is wrong. Again.
  18. The Woolster

    Crooks; what a penis.

    I used to have to mark Agogo playing Sunday league football, and then played on the same team as him, and he really wasn't that good. Not trying to big myself up as I am pretty crap to be honest, and he wasn't that much better than me. Gutting to see him go on and play with the same team as Stoichkov and go to the African Nations Cup. And yes I am jealous and bitter. As for Garth Crooks, he is a thundercunt, but that is quite funny, as Bright is also a twat. I have had the misfortune of reading Bright's weekly column in The Metro on the way to work a few times, I dunno if it is in the London edition only, but it is absolute shite, week in week out. I reckon Crooks was showing him he is still top thundercunt though.
  19. The Woolster

    Babel and the last chance saloon.

    I'd have Ronny Rosenthal ahead of Cohen, Sammy Davis Jr. in 4th, and Sacha Baron Cohen in 5th. Not sure if Jesus would even make the top 10, he just doesn't have that je ne sais quoi anymore.
  20. The Woolster

    TLW Fantasy Football League.

    Only have 1 post, but have been lurking for years, so hope you don't mind me joining. Might make me post more, especially when I win the thing :smile:
  21. The Woolster

    A thread about a man named Xabi

    For a start, that is the marginal tax rate and not the average tax rate. The people who will be paying the marginal rate 61p in the pound are the ones somewhere around the £150k per annum mark I believe as it is to do with people losing their personal allowance as well as increased National Insurance. The amount that Xabi earns, he won't even notice the difference. There is still an upper limit to National Insurance which is in line with where the higher rate of tax starts (around £45k pa), above this National Insurance contribution is 1%, increasing to 1.5% from 2011. As Xabi earns the £150k in a couple of weeks, he will not be paying the 61% marginal rate of tax, but 51.5% (from 2011, 51% at the mo). So the difference between the Spanish tax rate and the UK tax rate then becomes more like 7%. And yes, the exchange has made a difference, however the Pound has been strengthening compared to the Euro, a trend which is likely to continue as the global economy improves, which I am sure he would be told be the expensive financial advisors he can afford. Prior to the financial crisis, I think it was around €1.25 to the Pound, it is now around $1.15, not such a huge difference again. And stop banging on about Pennant getting paid more, Pennant was a free signing, so I am sure that the lack of a transfer fee has been reflected in his wages.