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  1. Durango

    RAOTL Forum

    whose RR?
  2. Durango

    RAOTL Forum

    Haven't not been on the forum for a while, who are the new cunts on here now,,i might be a arl cunt,,i need to know who the new young cunts are haha
  3. Durango

    RAOTL Forum

    I've had to "fall on my sword" over Rodgers,,i don't think he had anything on his CV to get the job,,i often call him Brendan Bodine ( Jethro from the hillybillys) in that he struck oil when he got the Liverpool job,,regardless of where we finish (unless we go into freefall) i'd give himanother season as I don't see what we would achieve in bringing in another Manager
  4. Durango

    RAOTL Forum

    hahaha,,i'm on here for the night,,the raotl as some "issues" haha,,,i'm still a arl cunt by the way,,,what do you think about Rodgers and FSG?
  5. Durango

    RAOTL Forum

    Name names Stringy
  6. Durango

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    Ferguson won trophies at unfashionable St Mirren and Aberdeen before he went to United, a proven Winner, Borini. don't make me fuckin laugh, Ngog better than him £11m for him!!!!!!!
  7. Durango

    Ancelotti - Reds are best

    Is correct, your manager is everything at a club, get the right manager and you're on the right track
  8. Durango

    Spare pair for Oldham

    I need one, will return the favour in the near future thanks in advance
  9. Durango

    Rodgers In

    have a word with Comoli
  10. Durango

    Rodgers In

    Stranger things have happened
  11. Durango

    Rodgers In

    Did Hodgson sign Cole? FSG/NESV must have had clandestine meetings with Comoli whilst Hodgson was in charge
  12. Durango

    Rodgers In

    At ease Soldier
  13. Durango

    Rodgers In

    Comoli must have been briefing FSG/NESV unbeknown to Roy
  14. Durango

    Rodgers In

    Nope, your Bird
  15. Durango

    Rodgers In

    Who said Dalglish signed Carroll? if he signed Carroll, give him the credit for signing Suarez he signed neither in my view, Comoli only said last week that he wanted Carroll in the summer before Dalglish was even at the club, but Newcastle didn't want to do business