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  1. Dirk Kuyt is a rubbish donkey who should not be anywhere near this club.
  2. JoeyKop

    Wolves Away - Match Thread

    LOL this is not the lowest. There is more to come this season with this fat idiot in charge.
  3. Mickey Quinn said he has gone to the MD and told him we need a change in the manager. It's curtains for the fat man now. It's not a matter of if when when this fool leaves Anfield. I knew something was up after this Murphy quote. ""I will always be a fan. I keep in touch with a lot of people close to the club and many think the time has come for a new manager. "
  4. JoeyKop

    Told you this day would come

    I am pleased because you must reach a lowest of lows to rise back up. Keep Rafa and this club will be in the gutter. Degen, Dossena, Babel, That Greek, Voronin, Lucas, NGog, Kuyt... all championship players, who should be at Ipswich.
  5. this club is not finishing 4th unless a new manager is appointed.
  6. Hopefully Purslow is busy recruiting Mourinho or Hiddink. We could of gotten Mancini but he F it up. Now he is at citeh.
  7. JoeyKop

    Season over

    will be soon. another trophyyless season with an average manager.
  8. JoeyKop

    Season over

    Lucas the muppet on
  9. JoeyKop

    Season over

    haha Carra just snubbed him
  10. JoeyKop


    this manager is spineless. Can't believe he was offered a contract. he should be sacked immediately after this match.
  11. JoeyKop

    Season over

    hahaha kuyt what a fucking donkey. another brilliant bentiez signing
  12. JoeyKop

    Season over

    better luck next year
  13. hahaha you will never win anything with this manager.
  14. No matter how much you put it he is the cancer at the club. You can complain about the owners and Parry being cunts all you want, but he is the real problem at the club. All you sunshine pumpers can love him because he gave you Instanbul and stood up to Ferguson, but he is literally destroying the club from within. It's time to start over with a new manager even if it is Mourinho. 1. In 5 years he has bought one match winner( Torres). Wasted over 80 Mil quid of the club's money buying dross. Kuyt- average player, touch of a rapist 10 million. Morientes failure 6 million. Babel- poor first touch, most one footed player I have seen, poor attitude 11 million. Crouch 7 million. Bellamy 6 million. Keane 20 million. Pennant 6 million. Dossena 7 million, Josemi 2 million, Paletta 1 million. Gonzalez 3 million, Lucas 7 million, etc etc etc. 2. Poor man management- anyone that says anything against him is frozen out, see Agger, Crouch, and Keane. 3. Dreadful football. negative, boring, wasteful shit. the worst football played at the club in the last 30 years. Lacking the intent to go for games in the balance. See Arsenal away 2008. Man United when they are down or tied, they bring on 2 attackers, instead Liverpool with a man advantage refuse to go forward. 4. Big ego, little man. The man thinks he is bigger than the club and for that alone she should be sacked. He wants to run everything even though most of the people he has hired(Eduardo Marcia) are incompetent including himself. For 5 years the team has had trouble dealing with set pieces, it has never been addressed. I laugh when I hear people describe this man as a great manager. Great managers don't allow their teams to give up goal after goal on set pieces without fixing the problem. 5. Horrible scouts. who the hell are our scouts? because they have to be some of the worst in the world. 6. As long as he is the manager I will no longer support the club.