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  1. Michael Winstanley

    Funny Pics that aren't worth starting a thread for

    I’m half of the opinion now there is a thought process behind having a good clear out. i can see no other way to understand how governments around the world, not only fail to act, but double down and increase the danger. too many fuckwits with bibles in charge these days. Probably being led a merry dance by some eugenicist fuck with a god complex who thinks we need to start again, but with them and their family and friends as the seed.
  2. Michael Winstanley


    Fuck me, I’ve wandered into lonely meadows care home.
  3. Michael Winstanley

    The BBC

    Just be careful John, it’s a slippery slope.
  4. Michael Winstanley

    Getting Old

  5. Michael Winstanley

    Getting Old

    Just had to drag the missus away from a decent t night out with a couple of good friends in order to take a decent a shit on me own pan. Ended up In some bar, tried to access the facilities, some Berk wobbled out sniffing, loooking like a cross between russell brand and Marc bolan’s effigy after I kicked the door. That is enough, I declared and we left. typed from my own bog.
  6. Michael Winstanley

    Boris Johnson

    They kept him relevant as cuddly Boris, the Tory boy from the viz caricature. Let’s be honest, pretty much all of the guests come from a status quo supporting centrist perspective, let’s make things a bit better, but let’s not get too carried away.
  7. Michael Winstanley


    Cheers JJ, my own joke was lost to the mists of time.
  8. Michael Winstanley


    It’s not about disagreeing with them, it’s about how you handle the disagreement, if you talk over them and patronise them or seek to open a dialogue to understand their point of view and then show them yours. I hope you can understand this?
  9. Michael Winstanley


    Quite the Sadomasochistic fuck wasn’t he old Goebbels, keeping open cans of beans around the house even though he was an anti-beaner. Not like Rommel, who fired through them as soon as he so much as sniffed the haricot.
  10. Michael Winstanley

    Trainee fans - What are your top 5 trainees of all time?

    Says the man with a Fred west avatar.
  11. Michael Winstanley

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Wtf is a fixed gear BMX? Surely no fucker has a BMX with any kind of gearing.
  12. Michael Winstanley

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Cornholevirus? That’s the bad one yeah?
  13. Michael Winstanley


    What were liberal policies like before the Labour Party kicked them into touch so to speak. Was the liberal attitude to workers and employees just as we find now? Freedom to create great profit at the expense of the working classes? It’s a serious question, as it seems the real progress with regards social welfare all came after the inception of the Labour Party.
  14. Michael Winstanley


    They take their beans in a ramekin, they are fucking evil. At least you know where you stand with the right wing anti-beaner bastards.