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  1. Audrey Witherspoon

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    That pizza gents is the bees fucking knees, and there was fuck all American about it. No fucking triangular spud ends, no fungus, and no tomatoes plum or fucking cherry. some day in the years ahead when yer grandkids are sitting down to a “Witherspoon Grandé” ye’ll say I know the fella who invented that.
  2. Audrey Witherspoon

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    At the ready mate, I expect an EGOT for this. give yers a shout next time I knock one up, 40$ a slice!
  3. Audrey Witherspoon


    One big fucking chip on his shoulder- what can you expect? Click bait pure and simple, what can you expect from the so called world leader in news. Hope he comes though ok. I flew many of the things into a wall. I laughed, just on the edge and maintaining balance, but it could have gone either way. Smokers are (allegedly somewhat) protected aren’t they? That’s why Farage and his yellow teethed crew of inbred ragamuffins want to break out the ale houses.
  4. Audrey Witherspoon


    The problem as I see it with the herd immunity approach is that the rest of the developed world is not using it, and so will not be welcoming of visitors from the UK & US for quite some time as it increases the risk of future flare ups within the local community. once you step out of the EU, they can just go fuck it, massive barriers on entry. but maybe that is the kind of isolation the Brexit crew are after. parts of Spain may become a lot more attractive to other European travellers without the Brexit brigade demanding speak English, and give me walls wallpaper paste sausages, and a copy of the daily star each morning.
  5. Audrey Witherspoon


    ask yourself “what would bluto do?”
  6. Audrey Witherspoon

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Gather round boys, I’m back from the future: home made pizza bases- hence the authentic misshapenness. couple of pork sausages, black pudding, beans - loads of the fuckers, 6 rashers of smoked streaky Bacon, couple of scrambled eggs, sprinkling of cheese, and a dash of HP. the question is not can you have beans on a pizza, but how can you have a pizza without beans. they were fucking boss, I didn’t eat 2 - me and the missus split them over an hour.
  7. Audrey Witherspoon

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    There is fuck all up with eating Farleys rusks, they are awesome. Agree on spice, but mustard??? You need to see a doctor. Agreed, as is a deep fried American spud peelings triangle
  8. Audrey Witherspoon

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    I’d have a go at that, wouldn’t try and pass it off as a breakfast though. Light afternoon snack, sound. Well put. No spice on a breakfast - have you lost yer mind? Black pudding should always have a little spiciness, not chilli granted, and what is HP but an awesome slab of spiciness that must garland any respectable breakfast.
  9. Audrey Witherspoon


    Who is as that horrible fuck from the heil who asked the question at the end of the SAGE independent press conference this week? I would quite happily mash his face with a shovel the Bitter, twisted little shitehawk - at what point do these people look themselves in the eye and say you did well there?
  10. Audrey Witherspoon


    There is a vaccination for strains of influenza, I get it every year. Not all flus are the same, this may not be the coronavirus you are looking for. thats why there is no vaccine for the common cold, as there are so many variations on what virus(es) cause each individual’s affliction (citation Dr Norman Swan Coronacast). they may never find a vaccine for SARS-Cov19 but it would in effect be simpler as cold is a catch all phrase like cancer in that it is used to cover many different variants of affliction - with the caveat that one is viral, and the other is invariably a genetic mutation (citation Kat Arney - herding Hemingway’s cats).
  11. Audrey Witherspoon


  12. Audrey Witherspoon


    It’s not a phrase I’m too comfortable with in the first place, but fuck me that looks horrible in text. fucked it off reads much better, Orwell would agree - plain English. What are they gonna run a book on?? Death rates? Spread on how close Tory numbers are to actual Covid related deaths?
  13. Audrey Witherspoon


    Can you stick a maths book in there for us somewhere Rog?
  14. Audrey Witherspoon


    You got no ice cream.
  15. Audrey Witherspoon


    Are the government and wider Conservative party MPs going to be sending their kids into school? Because no one else should until that lot do, here’s us where the war analogy fits for once. Are they willing to risk their kids lives? Or just happy to let the plebs get on with the risk.