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  1. Audrey Witherspoon

    Online food shopping

    The magical middle aisle me missus calls it, bought some proper shite over the years, and some decent stuff, bar fridge, day bed, air compressor, 2 lazy Susan’s about 10 years ago, one of which has never left it’s box in 7-8 house moves across 4 states.
  2. Audrey Witherspoon

    Online food shopping

    My missus will be around to twat yer with her plaster cast presently.
  3. Audrey Witherspoon

    Online food shopping

    Had to go out last week to get a printer to print my blood request forms after my shitty canon mx 885 shit out after I’d just spent 150 quid on ink for the bastard. so as we were in a quite quiet shopping precinct, called into Aldi, as my missus has broken her wrist she is a bit fucked for doing it alone, but we were masked and gloved up. anyway, navigates a fairly empty Aldi, gets to the queue and there’s a hold up as someone is buying something fucking stupid without a barcode, fair enough shit happens. but the woman in front of us can’t just stand and wait in line for a few minutes, she has to walk up and down and browse, and keep cutting past me and the missus, I nearly lost me shit, but the missus told me to wind it in. Fucking fat useless miserable auld twat, just stand and wait yer fucking turn.
  4. Audrey Witherspoon


    Go the BCG - hurt like a motherfucker, which may have been down to expectations with everyone winding each other up about what was gonna happen.
  5. Audrey Witherspoon

    Online food shopping

    Ah, we used to shop there a fair bit, never known it was expensive, which is lucky I suppose. Cleo’s deli is fucking boss tho, get some good Spanish morcilla out of there, smart cold cuts, oh and green eggs for you to butcher.
  6. Audrey Witherspoon


    Did he leave you his gag book?
  7. Audrey Witherspoon

    Political Correctness

    Haha that was running through my head, 2nd response down I saw yours.
  8. Audrey Witherspoon


    More to it than that mate, has to be. Alf the big names who come out and say I’ve got it, Yet none of them have succumbed.
  9. Audrey Witherspoon


    The government may well be in oh shit mode, but the way they are dealing with it is typical. The drugs which are being trialled in treatment and appear to have an impact, are most successful at early onset, yet the general public are refused tests up to the point of advanced infection. Johnson, Charlie Windsor etc test positive early and look to come through unscathed, why is that?
  10. Audrey Witherspoon


    This is great for the fella who is 104 and survived, but a simple anecdote masks the loss of those who have succumbed. tin foil hats off, there’s some bad shit happening right now, and people are being fooled. Now the middle class Tories are siding with the middle class labourites and cheering for the saddest fucking leader since Elmer Fudd. Let’s go clap the NHS! Fuck you, let’s go vote to give them fair wages, let’s go vote to give them guaranteed rights to stay. Let’s go treat them as fucking humans, with human rights, not fucking dogs at crufts.
  11. Audrey Witherspoon

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    Now then softlad, yer not at carrefour now. Hyper market indeed.
  12. Audrey Witherspoon

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    I think you will find it’s the pharmacy.
  13. Audrey Witherspoon

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    For me the main benefit is it stops me touching my face whilst I’m outside. If I’ve been out I don’t take it off till I’ve washed me hands back inside.