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  1. Audrey Witherspoon

    Jeff Bridges

    My post immediately above yours - they appear to have a shared context. Huey is the name of my missus’ Da.
  2. Audrey Witherspoon

    Jeff Bridges

    Is that yerself Huwy?
  3. Audrey Witherspoon

    Jeff Bridges

    it's supposedly one of the lesser evils, hope the dude will be abiding for a good while yet. My Ma in Law got told she was in remission from this last week after probably 4-5 years.
  4. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    The way these self entitled wankers work. Mother Pence will still fancy a chance of presidency under his own name in future years. Cant see him blowing that to stand in for a loser like Donny (if the sweaty orange wank stain doesn’t corrupt the fucking election). has a precedent ever been set in a president losing an election and jibbing it before handover? I know precedence means little under wideass.
  5. Audrey Witherspoon


    Stroopwafels are fucking boss. Yer can keep yer peak freans shite as far as I’m concerned. The pinnacle biscuits are all outside the UK. stroops with coffee. these bun rusk motherfuckers with tea: jaw breakers, but utterly awesome, no dicking about with excess shite like chocolate or any of that bollocks. The butter milk flavour are best, made my own a few times - which is good to cut down the sugar and moreishness. for accompanying tea, coffee or just as an afternoon snack, these are a thing of beauty: tried a few different brands over here, and these were the best. crisp, sweet, little dab or burnt marmalade on them. Yer could quite happily smash one of these with a cognac or licor43 and stay classy. I was glad you finished this with lash the coffee away, as topping it up with hot water is a foul idea. Nothing up with mellow birds in the right context yer frigging snob. In fact, I reckon a good auld fashioned 1980’s freeze dried blend would be fine with a stroop.
  6. Audrey Witherspoon

    Murdoch's Scum Credentials All In Order I See

    Inheritance? Palpating will still be here when the world ends, I half think that’s the evil fucking bastards plan. I like Rudd a lot more now than I did when he was in power, mainly as we landed in 07 and had fuck all idea what the political scene was. Over time I’ve seen him get stuck into some good stuff such as the Murdoch thing, but how was he with Murdoch when in power? Did he do a Blair or has he always been anti the malignant auld shitehawk?
  7. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    Or he already knows the results so why bother spending wedge he could be pocketing, just because funds can’t be seen to be being spent, doesn’t mean they aren’t being raised.
  8. Audrey Witherspoon

    What do you want my email address for, you dodgy bastards?

    Think you need to unroll the full story of getting the shit kicked out of you by a bunch of yardies now.
  9. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    Apologies DuffMan, I was gonna respond and then fucked it off as it’s a hornets nest debating the Middle East, and I didn’t think it was the right conversation to get in on, which is why it has the pirate stylings at the end. then I responded to someone else and Usher’s hamsters stuck it back in at the top.
  10. Audrey Witherspoon


    Do kids still get called Manhead? We had a manhead and a bombhead amongst the junior cohort.
  11. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    The shit Trump causes in the Middle East has yet to be fully seen. Moving the embassy is an ar The village people the only people not to have told him to fuck off from using their tunes? Or is he reaching out to the proud boys?
  12. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    I have a problem with this viewpoint and that unctuous prick Simon Evans was tooting a similar tune on the news Quiz last week. Something along the lines of what do you expect from extending the franchise to all, you are going to get monster truck idiots voting for Trump. its fucking dishonest and shows (on his part) how little fucking respect some people have for the working class and poor, who, don’t forget, have only had the vote for ~100 years. it’s problematic in 2 ways, firstly it lays all the blame of voting for Trump/Johnson/Bolsonaro et al at the foot of others - never mind the rich fuckers who vote for and actually gain from the right wing bastards who get elected, it neglects the part of the centrist who will accept anything bar a social Democrat in power. also it fails to take into account the paucity of information and levels of disinformation given to the voting public via the media (who by and larger look to the right even if that is just the inside right side of the line). With such asymmetric levels of information, to continue to pour blame down is a fucking shithouse tactic.
  13. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    hip hop law states, you can’t use the phrase drop some shit without a little bit of Rahzel.