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  1. Audrey Witherspoon


    This is great for the fella who is 104 and survived, but a simple anecdote masks the loss of those who have succumbed. tin foil hats off, there’s some bad shit happening right now, and people are being fooled. Now the middle class Tories are siding with the middle class labourites and cheering for the saddest fucking leader since Elmer Fudd. Let’s go clap the NHS! Fuck you, let’s go vote to give them fair wages, let’s go vote to give them guaranteed rights to stay. Let’s go treat them as fucking humans, with human rights, not fucking dogs at crufts.
  2. Audrey Witherspoon

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    Now then softlad, yer not at carrefour now. Hyper market indeed.
  3. Audrey Witherspoon

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    I think you will find it’s the pharmacy.
  4. Audrey Witherspoon

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    For me the main benefit is it stops me touching my face whilst I’m outside. If I’ve been out I don’t take it off till I’ve washed me hands back inside.
  5. Audrey Witherspoon


    Buy him the viz, or the beano or a jazz mag, if he wants news but him a newspaper. Fuck the sun tho.
  6. Audrey Witherspoon


    It looks legit from first sight and it is iOS compatible so *shouldnt* be able to steal Creds. I suspect this could just be a scare to out the shits up people as a lot of people have joined it.
  7. Audrey Witherspoon


    Quick thinking Tim!
  8. Audrey Witherspoon

    The Twitter

    So there is balance and we shouldn’t just judge her on who her auld fella was? i make no comment on her cooking shows, my main knowledge of her comes from one of hers husbands books and the documentary from around the same time. and I know she has big jugs and likes a line.
  9. Audrey Witherspoon

    The Twitter

    Some of that shit has to be bots or wums.
  10. Audrey Witherspoon

    The Twitter

    She was also married to John Diamond who was a bloody good journo, highly recommend C is for Cancer, his book on dealing with it and death. So if you are looking for balance, I’d say she’s pretty decent. my birds da is a Tory, was captain of Liverpool golf society, me missus is not, she has far more socialist principles and values. its very much where yer at, not where yer from, with politics, look how many Tory grandees are from in and around liverpool, or are match goers .
  11. Audrey Witherspoon


    Because there is a subtext to what he posts, it come lower down. a subtext that he has used previously, that the young will foot the bill for the old, which always neglects the fact that it is most likely the poor old who will be lost, not the fucking richer. so he waffles shit about the affluent middle classes with swimming pools who will be ok. see graham has form, he’s a Brexit bellend. Which has also caused and will continue to cause untold harm to the poor and elderly. in short he’s a bit like those fucking blue labour gobshites.
  12. Audrey Witherspoon


    Now quoting trump, what a prick. yer not a socialist, yer an arsehole.
  13. Audrey Witherspoon


    Aye there was a fair bit of flak over this, they had tiny Guinness miniatures as his missus used to work there, and I always used to play with them. just a bit of an escalation, but apparently I was bouncing off the walls.