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  1. Audrey Witherspoon

    Adidas Trainers

    Deffo Pleat era Luton- the Lidl Tommy Robinson range.
  2. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    Yeah, same issue as the Labour Party have in the UK, centrists driving the narrative.
  3. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    Yup, I hope he continues to unravel over the next 7 months.
  4. Audrey Witherspoon

    Adidas Trainers

    to be fair they look like a pair of saucony from 1992. Some poor auld dude will probably buy them. I’d rather them than some of the shite adidas have pumped out in recent years.
  5. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    He holds more power than those that are supposed to govern him. Trump may have a poke at Fox every now and again, but knows who the boss is.
  6. Audrey Witherspoon

    Rate your local chippy

    Fried rice and fucking gravy, that is beyond the pale. Lash it straight in the bin. Bearing in mind I eat some fucking terrible stuff meself, this is poor, poor, poor. Don’t go to mingbag chippys, if they don’t have at least 5 good vinegar strokes, Fuck them off.
  7. Audrey Witherspoon

    Rate your local chippy

    Turn it in yer whopper, I’ve yet to find a chippy that does half chips half fried rice with a carton of curry to the standard of Chris’ on Rose Lane. The fish maybe a bit better, but that’s not my main concern, chips is where it’s at, and the chips are generally fucking terrible, frozen bastards fried. To be fair Melbourne appears to be a bit better than Sydney and Brisbane, although Brizzy has an English chippy up in the middle of nowhere past Cleveland. There was a boozer near where you are now dude, the Smith - spent a fucking fortune on a new fit out and called itself smith and chips - with a chippy bolted into the side, sold fucking fried frozen chips, needless to say the chippy didn’t last long. there’s another decent one up in the Spot near Randwick. Proper Anglo-Irish yard. We went for me mates birthday, adults scoffed it, kids looked at us like - what is thy is greasy shite.
  8. Audrey Witherspoon

    Donald Trump

    That’s his cumchops
  9. Audrey Witherspoon


    Send us a tenner and I’ll let yer know if it works.
  10. Audrey Witherspoon


  11. Audrey Witherspoon

    Corporate bellendary at work.

    Phone her yer shit house, it’s her job to answer and keep you informed.
  12. Audrey Witherspoon

    Corporate bellendary at work.

    People and Culture these days Tokes, good old Nietzsche to thank for that phrase I think.
  13. Audrey Witherspoon

    Anyone Gluten Free

    DuckDuckGo it yer twunt, substitute butter for 20% of the lard, and mix in some chorizo or morcilla. https://www.dovesfarm.co.uk/recipes/gluten-free-raised-pork-pie