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  1. Arthur Friedenreich


    When did they move Tuebrook to Widnes, lolly sticks? Get fucked, what’s a lolly? No such thing, hence there can’t be a fucking lolly stick, the stick that keeps yer lolly ice in the air is a lollyice stick. Down with the wool behaviour, ye’ll be drinking cans of pop next.
  2. Arthur Friedenreich

    The Local News Thread

    Let’s be honest, a true ‘stralian reads that, the first thing through their mind is, kiwis got a miniature horse eh, I’m gonna get me a fucking stallion.
  3. Arthur Friedenreich


    What stick? Answer the fucking question trumo, don’t leave us hanging! Lollipop or lollyice...
  4. Arthur Friedenreich


    What the fucks a lolly stick?? Lolli pop - yes, lolly ice - yes, lolly stick - bad crumble.
  5. Arthur Friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    boss SL76's
  6. Arthur Friedenreich

    Funny Pics that aren't worth starting a thread for

    Ah fair enough, insurance can be a proper pain in the arse with shit like this, companies are a lot less willing to take the risk, when the odds favour a quick payout! i’’m 6-12 months from transplant, been at 13% for the last 12 months after a couple of major drops in function. My missus and da have both been matched as suitable donors, so all good, they are just waiting for that sweet spot of about 10% function, where I avoid dialysis, but squeeze as much juice as possible out of what I have. Catch 22 situation, I want to put off the operation as long as possible, but it means increased lethargy and poor sleep due to the frequent pissing, main thing is it’s no longer a death sentence for us with access to good medical services.
  7. Arthur Friedenreich

    Funny Pics that aren't worth starting a thread for

    Possibly, you either know someone with it or bing, it’s a proper Cunt having a disease that’s difficult to pronounce. That and the 3 pisses a night, although that could be old age!
  8. Arthur Friedenreich

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    Covered under buskers.. I think I have a 7” of there’s somewhere, no idea how, I’ll blame the bird.
  9. Arthur Friedenreich

    Noel Gallagher quits Oasis

    Influential?? Only to buskers and ale house legends stig, don’t get carried away.
  10. Arthur Friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    Farah Fawesome
  11. Arthur Friedenreich

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Superb, I half want them to call back now, so I can use that
  12. Arthur Friedenreich

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Some fucker phoned us yesterday in work, blathering about energy prices, I said ah me missus sorts that out mate, can you give me yer wife’s number he says, no I fucking can’t was my response.
  13. Arthur Friedenreich

    Instant cunt identifiers

    That’s a brick magnet - test it next time.