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  1. arthur friedenreich

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    You’ve missed out women there, no matter what age or sexual preference, their rights are being undermined by people ascribing to gender fluidity, which to be frank is fucking bollocks. im all for live and let live, trans people should be fully supported, but fellas who chose to wear a dress some days should not be ousting natal females from their own organisations or organisations setup to support them. equality doesn’t mean everyone’s rights are shared, it means equal rights for all, this means equal representation, not shared representation, which allows men to once again control women’s rights. its fucking ludicrous.
  2. arthur friedenreich

    Joy Division/New Order

    Did he take over bass for love will tear us apart? We saw them a few years back, and he kicked the kid out the way for that, plus he had his bass whacked right up. Boss bassist, bit of a cunt. as you say shame they can’t work together, but hooky will wring every last penny out the JD back catalogue.
  3. arthur friedenreich

    Overweight Haters Ltd

    Maybe get the fat cunts back on the tabs then eh?
  4. arthur friedenreich

    New Jersey

    Bastard, thought someone had found me jumper.
  5. arthur friedenreich

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Cheers man, that’ll come handy walking around st kilda barechest in the winter, whilst some fucking yokel struts his stuff in my finest.
  6. arthur friedenreich

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Stayed in a holiday let over the weekend in country Victoria. Place was a pretty new build, and we were there Friday til sunday. I went down there wearing a brand new paul smith merino v neck jumper, the missus packed Sunday morning whilst I stuck the bikes on the car. Get home and no fucking jumper. Now i wore it friday, we stayed in, i never wore it to bed, and Saturday i wore completely different fucking clothes, so how the fuck this jumper has disappeared is a mystery. property owners are adamant it's not there, so they are either telling porkies, or the cleaner is strutting around in my fucking jumper. fucked me right off, futile fucking bollocks that i can't change, but is battering me head. puts a terrible fucking vibe on the trip now as well.
  7. arthur friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    Fuck me it’s like changing rooms with Llewellyn Bowen and Gok Wan.
  8. arthur friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    sound, i'd still weR them, will see how much they go for over here on release, while i wait for further SL news. no fucking jumbo cords tho
  9. arthur friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    fuck off Vlad, I'm not in Runcorn
  10. arthur friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    I reckon they're fucking sound, deep fucking red and navy, proper smart winter walker, nice pair of dark denim jeans
  11. arthur friedenreich

    Boris Johnson

    Daddy issues
  12. arthur friedenreich

    Charities are becoming annoying cunts.

    Being asked to donate money, by someone who is employed by an agency and fails to tell you that in your 10 quid monthly subscription, the charity will receive fuck all until maybe month 8 is. Over here they hang around outside hospitals doing it, the amount of times I’ve nearly lost my shit with them, only for the fact that really it’s not the stupid twat with the clipboards fault it’s some other horrible cunt further up the ladder, these are just low level street dealers. that charities are needed in the modern world says a lot about society, but that people can setup agencies and profit from them in ways such as this legally says an awful lot more. i don’t blame the charities, if your competitors are going to do it what options do you have? But i’ll Never donate via this method. I’ve been out rattling the can, never got paid for it, it shouldn’t be someone’s job, I can see higher level administrative and executive roles can need a salary, but even some of them are taking the piss. If yer involved in a charity the primary reason should be for what you are giving to it not what you can get from it.
  13. arthur friedenreich

    Good Deeds

    This explains it better than I can: From what I’ve seen some times they will site them at the family home, on others it will be at an aunt or uncles place to direct into their plumbing etc.
  14. arthur friedenreich

    Good Deeds

    Aye, it’s pretty sound. We had the car about 7 years, and had depreciated it a fair amount through tax writes offs via using it for work, so it was good to be able to do something positive with it. hopefully someone gets a decent run around and a good few quid to the charity.
  15. arthur friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    @Mook what was the SL release you mentioned a few pages back?