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  1. Arthur Friedenreich

    Adidas Trainers

    Knitted copas, fucking knitted, the legends that have graced those boots over 40 years, and now some cunt has decided to knit the fucking things. fuck me, I never thought the end of civilisation would be this bad.
  2. Arthur Friedenreich

    Liz Hurley

    I've got it in a box, along with a few good crawfords, also brought my Eva Herzigova A1 poster over here with me, strangely the missus doesn't want them up!
  3. Arthur Friedenreich

    Liz Hurley

    Think that bottom one is from loaded, that was on my walk about 20 years ago. Awesome.
  4. Arthur Friedenreich

    Rate Lifeys Toast

    should be locked up cutting it like that, absolutely disgraceful, across the horizon for kids, otherwise scarf it whole.
  5. Arthur Friedenreich

    Tunes that are just fucking ace.....

    its’s funny, dark, poetic and hits the nail on the head. True fucking masterpiece, keep yer Beethovens and yer Mahlers. Pierce and the crew are sublime on this.
  6. Arthur Friedenreich

    Small pleasures?

    A little drop of Connemara, while playing spiritualized - ladies and gentlemen at 23.
  7. Arthur Friedenreich

    The Ailment thread

    If yer on the Twitter, follow @rachchippendale - she’s an auld mate of mine from Crewe. Suffered really bad with it over the last 20 or so years, ended up having to pack in her job with Network Rail. But she’s really well informed, think she might have done a book, and she is involved a fair bit in trials. She’s a top bird and a Red, good drinker and used to party like a motherfucker.
  8. Arthur Friedenreich

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    I got kicked out in lower 6th, but still hung around with a few of the lads. Anyway, turns 18 and me auld fella and uncles drag us to the Grafton, having a bevy in there when Docker strolls over and starts having a blether. he knew a fucking good story, I reckon Anny Road is is his love child.
  9. Arthur Friedenreich

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    The very same, purple blazer?
  10. Arthur Friedenreich

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    There’s a black comedy in there somewhere, where good old Sajid manages to deport himself. Via some yes minister machinations of the sir Humphrey brigade.
  11. Arthur Friedenreich

    Have a rant thread

    He made your breakfast, afterwards you had a tab together. Come on, you fucked him didn’t you?
  12. Arthur Friedenreich


    Greetings, after a bit of advice from the cycle paths on here. I bought a dragster about 6 months back, fucked if I can use the thing for work every day as it weighs a bastard tonne. So, Boxing Day I went to the new Decathlon and picked up a decent enough mountain bike. B’twin 540, which is light as a feather compared to the dragster, so had a few test runs cyclin into the gym and out on a few errands. I’ve sorted my head around thumbs down and fingers up (as a kid I had a chopper and various bmx’s, and the dragster has the same suicide lever setup as the old choppers), but I’m a bit unsure on best seat height - I couldn’t get it fitted in the shop as I had to drop everything to get it in the car, brother in law reckons slight bend in the knee when fully extended. Also front suspension can be turned off, generally gonna be on okaying Melbourne roads, is it best to lock suspension unless on a particularly rough terrain? I keep getting it kicking in when I stand at lights to set off. fucking weird pedal things - is there a nack to these things? Strapless pedal clips I’m wearing standard trainees, and I nearly come off the bastard trying to get back into the straps after every set of traffic lights, are they only supposed to be used with cleats? maps, I’m trying to get divorce google, so don’t want to use their maps for getting about if I can avoid it, but apple maps doesn’t want have bikes as an option, so what do s a good tool for getting around? cheers folks
  13. Arthur Friedenreich

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    not necessarily, meet bob who changed his name to Pete, before transitioning to Roberta. Pete's a dead name as much as bob, and was not a birth name. calling Roberta, bob or Pete could get you in shit.