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  1. zimmie

    Digger to manage the Trannies

    Brilliant, good luck to him, hope he does a great job.
  2. zimmie

    Who to vote for as a protest?

    Your right to vote encorporates the right to choose not to vote. For me, to vote for one of the parties I'd have to believe in what they were campaigning for, believe that if elected they would do a good job, and none of the candidates even come close to that at the moment. That is as much a part of democracy as not voting. I'm not going to vote for the one I dislike the least merely out of duty.
  3. zimmie

    FA Cup Final - Who do you want to win?

    Pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now
  4. Has a proper Brazilian name at least
  5. zimmie

    The Facebook Mancs thread.

    My thoughts exactly
  6. zimmie

    FC Barcelona v Man United

    Thank you fucking thank you Lionel!
  7. zimmie

    FC Barcelona v Man United

    Been getting them since Barca scored
  8. zimmie

    FC Barcelona v Man United

    Barca have been excellent since they took the lead, but they really need to make this possession count. I have images of the 1999 final in my head, when Bayern were toying with them for the best part of 90 minutes. Hopefully a 2nd will come fairly early on though.
  9. zimmie

    Premier Leagues worst ever signing

    That must be a piss-take
  10. zimmie

    Steven Cohen - just received this.

    Staggering. Cunt is too mild an adjective.
  11. zimmie


    Last one tomorrow. I'll likely have to do a resit in August for my last exam because I completely messed that one up, but that's no big deal, just can't wait for tomorrow at 1pm.
  12. El nino laff broke it. The bastard.