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    The Twitter

    Through sheer boredom, and hearing it mentioned a few times, I've just joined it. Anyone else on it? If so, what do you actually do?
  2. Happy Bumday senór Tom Ross, have a good'un sir! With lots of bumming and cake and whatnot.
  3. So the normal TLW draft starts at 10:30pm tonight with the dynasty draft following, yeah? I had a draft on NFL.com last night and it worked fine for everyone; I did tell them to make sure they added a few players to their queue for each pick just to be safe, though.
  4. 1 Steamers 2 Carvalho 3 4 Welsh State Celtics 5 6 7 Clems Clams 8 South Park 9 Lebowski Urban Achievers 10 Phil simms kings 11 12 Buffalodris 13 Old Swan Pandas 14 New Age Outlaws
  5. Sound, leave 'em both until Tuesday. I'm going for a run so the decision is final.
  6. Nice one! So are we still trying the dynasty one tonight or saving that until after the TLW one? I'll go for a run now if we're leaving both until Tuesday.
  7. Can we do 10pm Tuesday, then? I'll set my pre-draft rankings and should be home by the third or fourth round. EDIT: If you can all do 10:30 instead then that would be ace, ta.
  8. Yeah, it was deffo the start of the fourth because I made the second pick in the fourth round with no issue and then got kicked out. I've got another draft tomorrow at 9, then footy on Tuesday 9-10.
  9. 11? Or is that too soon. I'll go along with whatever the majority want to do.
  10. All my leagues are on NFL.com and we have all the league history on there, be arsed moving it to another site. Surely we can remember who we picked and where - the first four rounds were sound.
  11. You both seem to have misspelled the Ravens as Superbowl winners there, lads.
  12. That's a lot of real estate for a below average QB on a big contract who has a week to try and learn an entire new playbook. Eagles must be buzzing to get some draft capital back after giving up loads to move up and get Wentz. Are we drafting the dynasty league before the TLW one then, yeah? I've set my keepers.
  13. Yeah, Sunday anytime is sound with me.
  14. I presumed he was, but have just messaged him to confirm. He lives in Australia now so nightmare getting in touch.
  15. Nah, if anything we need to get numbers down rather than up. Couple of key injuries in a 14 team league and you're fucked. EDIT: I would also prefer that we move the drafts from Saturday night. Can do pretty much anytime between now and the start of the season other than Tuesday night between 8-10:30.
  16. So we're drafting both leagues this Saturday night?
  17. Woo

    Places to eat in Manchester

    Akbar's is fantastic for a curry, can't go wrong. Might as well just close the thread now.
  18. Ravens now know they're guaranteed one of Tunsil, Bosa, Ramsey, Buckner or Jack at six.
  19. Woo

    Sick of being Fat

    That bit in bold about drinking - what do you mean by that exactly?
  20. Yeah, that's all we need Wallace to be at this point. To be fair, not been in the most compatible of offenses in Miami - where his numbers were still solid - and especially Minnesota. Think he'll have himself a nice year, all being well he's fighting with Aiken to be WR3 but should certainly be behind Smith and Perriman on the depth chart.
  21. Unless the Pats knew they wouldn't be able to afford to retain Jones after his rookie deal expires I don't get that at all, but good news for the rest of the AFC, that's for sure. Ravens been surprisingly busy and aggressive this week. Watson, Weddle and Wallace all very experienced, if a little long in the tooth, but make us a much better team - particularly the latter two; lack of capable safety on the back end to prevent big plays and a vertical threat to stretch the passing game were arguably our two biggest weaknesses last year. Still need some pass rush help, reinforcements for the left side of the o-line and another talented corner, but not a bad start.
  22. Woo

    Sick of being Fat

    I'm down just over 50 pounds after starting running and dieting in September. Originally was just cutting out carbs and sugar and going high fat, but since Christmas I've re-introduced some carbs back in to my diet and even though the weight loss has slowed down a bit I've been doing more weight training and upped my calories to something much more sustainable. Been training for a 10k at the start of May but I'm constantly crippled by shin splints so reckon that's a non-starter. Looking to lose another 30 pounds or so and then seriously hit the weights to turn the remaining fat in to muscle when I'm not operating at a huge caloric deficit. Found that once you get it in to all properly it's quite addictive, the meal planning and general culture change become second nature. Can't do anything about still having a sweet tooth, just have to be sensible about it but seem to have managed it pretty well. My favourite part of it all, by far, has been boring everyone and anyone about it, particularly those who go over the top about how great you *now* look; even if it's supposed to be sincere it always just comes across as patronising. It's my way of showing people how tedious and boring their small-talk usually is that I'm subjected to by doing the same back to them. I may be considerably lighter but I'm still just as much of a cunt as I always was.
  23. Woo

    Beats and pieces

    Kali Uchis - On Edge (feat. Snoop) Also, had this record playing loads recently, incredible how many artists Madlib has helped elevate to new levels. Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - High (feat. Danny Brown)