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  1. gaz181

    Who will win in your constituency?

    Labour hold with a similar majority to last time.
  2. gaz181

    Who will win in your constituency?

    Delyn David Hanson has held this seat for Labour for the last 20 odd years I think, but he could could be in trouble from the Tories this time. Had a majority of just under 3k last time. UKIP haven't got anyone standing and they got 5,000 votes in 2015. You would think a lot of them will vote Tory this time. Had a card through the letterbox this afternoon from Labour saying they think it's too close to call and to get voting. Haven't seen anyone campaigning on behalf of the Tories.
  3. gaz181

    Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

    Brilliant from Jade Jones, superb final round.
  4. gaz181

    Best phone out there right now?

    Anyone got the Huawei p9? I want a phone with a good camera and this looks interesting. Can get it for £19.20 per month with u/l calls, texts and 5gb of data.
  5. gaz181

    NBA 2014 Thread

    I really hate All-star weekend, but that dunk contest was brilliant. Thought Aaron Gordon should have won it.
  6. gaz181

    NBA 2014 Thread

    Can't understand why Golden State would want to risk messing up the balance of their team by signing someone like Durant. Unless they're losing one of their top players?
  7. gaz181

    Rugby World Cup 2015

    Excellent team performance from Wales, Dan Biggar was just immense. I think the Fiji game is as soon as Thursday which makes it a much tougher game, especially when half the squad is injured.
  8. gaz181

    The Open 2014

    Thomas Bjorn and Zach Johnson, both each way are my bets. I wish I'd have gone to one of the practice days now.