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    liverpool player of he season

    The 12th annual spreadsheet symposium says Lucas.
  2. ChunkyBarcode

    Fantasy Books - your favourites

    I'd recommend Joe Abercrombie's books. Very dark, very bleak, almost nihilistic at times. But with a undercurrent of black humor throughout. Very refreshing compared to most fantasy I've read.
  3. Hawking plays in the black hole just behind the striker though. Not really a fair comparison.
  4. ChunkyBarcode

    Jose Enrique

    Assuming there's some truth to it, the £15million may include his contract as well. i.e. 4/3 yrs @ 50/60k puts the fee at around 5 to 6 million range. Typically done to inflate the 'fee' in order help reduce the fan backlash, if it's an unpopular sale.
  5. ChunkyBarcode

    Post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction

    Films - On the Beach. The Quiet Earth.
  6. ChunkyBarcode

    Sacking Sweepstake

    27th Jan. The day after we lose to Fulham at home.
  7. ChunkyBarcode

    Wolves(h) game thread

    He's mentally going through his list of who to blame. My money is on the tea lady.
  8. ChunkyBarcode

    What's your name?

    I'm Spartacus.
  9. ChunkyBarcode

    What's your Outlaw Biker name?

    Wrench Head of the Popes of Hell MC
  10. ChunkyBarcode

    What's your rich white Republican name?

    Bobby "Cattleman's Code" McArthur
  11. ChunkyBarcode

    What's your Tory scum name?

    Ernest Osiers-Wycherley.